11 Shoes Like Converse to Expand Your Sneaker Selection

Some good Converse alternatives to consider

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If you’re reading this article, chances are you own a pair of Converses. We all know why you fell in love with Converse sneakers. It was those classic Pro-Leather HI’s that were introduced to us in the 1970s. And once Converse hooked us with those, they locked us in with the lows and flats. Then once they got us with that, they really caught our attention with their epic collabs. They've also inspired an innumerable amount of shoes like Converse building on the hype.

Since we are looking at the history of the Converse shoe, you should know that it dates all the way back to the 1920s when the brand first hit the scene with their Chuck Taylor All-Stars (which began to really gain traction post-World War II). It’s hard to believe the brand has been around for over one hundred years as it has remained not just a tried and true shoe, but true to itself. Flexibility, ankle support, and style have always been the main focus of Converse shoes, which is something that the brand still prides itself on to this very day. 

Okay, we can agree that just about everybody (or every sneakerhead at least) loves Converse. You’re kind of insane if you don’t honestly, but we digress. Now what do you do if in the instance you are looking for a Converse dupe? Something that is like Converse but not Converse? Where do you start? Which brands should you consider? What is the best? Is the investment even worth it? Well, that’s what this article is going to cover. Below is a list of eleven different shoes like Converse that you can opt for when you are looking for an alternative.

1. Nike Blazer 77s

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Most Comparable Pricing

The Nike Blazers made their debut in the 1970s as well, but they didn’t have a Dr. J as an ambassador to help popularize it. The Blazer 77s are a highly underrated shoe in our opinion (I actually own a pair) that are quite accessible in the sense that you’ll have a decent shot at finding them at your local sneaker/athletic shop relatively easily.

They also come in a variety of colorways, have a super stylish look, and aren’t too expensive either. In fact, they tend to be around the same price as Converse’s which is why we have them listed as our most relatable pricing selection.


2. Dior B23 High Top Logo Oblique

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Best Luxury Option

Sometimes you just want a little bit of luxury in your life. And when luxury calls, Dior is there to answer. You’ve probably seen these browsing through social media blogs and fashion websites if you are a true sneakerhead as they are very popular amongst the celebs and fashion influencers, but aside from that, this is just a sick shoe.

The white and black Dior Oblique motif and transparent paneling really take this shoe to the next level, along with the eyelets and lace-up front. You’ll have to drop a pretty penny if you want these, but that pretty penny seems to be worth it from what we have observed.


3. Vans Classic Old Skool

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Similar Style

While Converse is mostly known for their high tops, they do offer low top options for a considerable amount of their colorways as well. So why not Vans? Most would agree that Vans is to low/flat sneakers what Converse is to high top sneakers, and they do it on a classic level. There’s loads of options that you could go with.

You could rock with the traditional Vans Old Skool shoes, the Gum Authentics, the Classic Slip-On Checkerboards, or even the Slip-On Core Classics. With the Vans roots dating all the way back to the skating culture of the 1960s, and retro style never truly going out of style, you’ll never have a Vans sneaker that is “dated.”


4. Cariuma OCA High Tops

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A Sustainable Option

Cariuma is also an option to be considered. Cariuma always produces high quality products, and the OCA Highs are a “fancier” Converse so to speak. Two colorways (white and black) are available to pick from, along with lightweight cushion technology, weighted rubber sole, and classic cap-toe design. Cariuma remains one of our favorite brands not just because of their epic shoe inventory, but also because of their commitment to the environment.

All Cariuma materials are sourced from responsibly, while also focusing on ethical factory conduction. The brand believes that style, comfort, and sustainability are the most important part of their shoes, always looking to evolve their process to fit the current needs of their consumers. 


5. Comme des Garçons PLAY

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The Hypebeast Option

One of our favorites right here. CdG PLAY x Converse is technically a Converse shoe, but at the same time it’s technically not. For the sake of this article, we’ll say they’re not (evil laugh). On a serious note CdG is a street luxury brand that makes their stuff on the affordable side. You would think a shoe like this would cost rent money based on other prices, but this is definitely on the cheaper side for street luxury.

The cool thing about these sneakers is the fact that they are unisex, which is always an added bonus because then you don’t have to worry about whether or not a shoe is available for you, or if there’s going to be sizing issues (which is always a hassle). Additionally, there’s also an off-white/cream colorway available if the all-black isn’t to your liking. Comme des Garçons never misses. That’s for sure.


6. Diemme Loria Low

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If we’re talking low tops, Diemme provides a Loria Low alternative comparable to Converse low tops. Light, soft, and made with leather, these shoes are custom-made in at the Calzaturificio Diemme factory in Onè di Fonte, Veneto like all Diemme shoes are, with the company’s goal of producing the highest quality artisan goods with an exceptional level of comfort along with progressive designs as well as sharply executed takes on classic styles.

What makes them so special? The answer to that is their gorgeous design, versatility, and comfort. Plus, they are Italian-made which means they will definitely last a long time if taken care of properly.


7. P448

Screen Shot 2022 08 11 at 2.43.05 PM

If you have been following our sneaker pieces for a while, then you know we always have to show love to our friends over at P448, as they also produce beautiful high-quality Italian-made sneakers. P448 has both low and high tops available in men, women’s, and unisex sizing, and they even have sneakers for babies and children! It’s always nice when a brand includes the kiddos because they have to be dripped out as well!

The brand has grown considerably over the course of these past few years, gaining a dedicated hardcore audience brand. Some of our favorite shoes on the women’s side are: the John Cozy (which features beige faux fur and black brown melange wool laces), the Jack Turtle, the John Malhia, and the Thea UFO.

Some of our favorites for men include: The Skate Green Python (a high-top silhouette featuring earth-toned python-embossed leather upper), the Taylor White/Iridescent (which features holographic material along the edge), the Skate ESR which is actually a unisex shoe, and the Taylor Tamigi.

And since we mentioned the kiddies, we’ll throw in some of our favorite kids shoes as well. Our favorites are: the John Jr. Fluo Leopard, the John Baby Jungle, and the John Jr. Malhia.

SHOP NOW AT P448, $119.20

8. Modelo ‘89 Vegan Hi Orange

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First of all, let’s all take a minute to look at the beauty of this shoe. Wowzers! The Modelo Vegan His are made with bio-based vegan napa, recycled insole, and organic cotton laces that are delivered via biodegradable packaging. All of these innovative materials on the M'89 Vegan sneakers are super soft, which means…comfort! Obviously, the shoe is made with Vegan material, but other interesting features to note are the fact that it's also organic, also made with recyclable material, bio-based, and constructed with Bamboo lining. 

Multiple sizes are available for this specific colorway, along with six different color selections (The Orange which is pictured above, Beige, Black, Garnet, Green, and yellow). While we listed the high tops, there’s also a low top variation of the shoe as well. Those are also called the 89s, made with Vegan materials, and have tons of colorway options and sizing as well. All-in-all, Modelo is an excellent brand with quality products that do not disappoint. The reviews are stellar, the shoes are very eye-catching, and any purchase you make is sure to last a long time.


9. Maison Margiela Replica Leather

Screen Shot 2022 08 11 at 2.51.31 PM

Maison Margiela is yet another favorite of ours for multiple reasons when it comes to shoes that are comparable to Converse. They have both high and low tops (though you may have to do a little browsing to find the high tops as those tend to sell out relatively quickly), and a number of colorway selections that are very appealing if you ask us. Deconstructed designs that are Italian-made, suede and leather material, and the ability to easily slip the shoe on are just a few standout features of the Replica Leather sneakers that are worth the consideration.

Some of our other Maison Margiela favorites are: the Maison Margiela x Reebok Club Cs (which have a design similar to Converse lows), the Replica Leather Suede Low Top Sneakers which are yet another example of the brand’s avant garde style and radical designs, and our absolute favorite, the Men’s Black Quilted Leather High-top Sneakers. In the words of James Brown, Good God Almighty. Great Googly Moogly.

These have a case for being thee hottest shoe that Maison Margiela has ever dropped. If you didn’t gasp upon seeing these, not sure if we can help you. 


10. Golden Goose Superstar Croco Glitter Low-Top Sneakers

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Neiman Marcus

The crocodile-embossed sneakers with the glitter trim and side star patch baby! Golden Goose has been in action since the start of the new Millenium, proving that 2000 wasn’t the end of the world, but the beginning rather. The Venice-based brand is run by husband and wife duo Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo, and consistently blends together West Coast style with Italian, and focuses on retro styles that are both crafted with Italian leather, and are distressed by hand.

Additional features include: a flat heel, round toe, leopard-print lace-up vamp, and breathable leather/cotton lining.


11. ZGR Canvas Shoes

Screen Shot 2022 08 11 at 2.57.07 PM

ZGR Canvas shoes is another brand that has been steadily rising in popularity, catching the eyes of many as they are known for their quality designs, and affordable pricing. For the most part, you can find ZGR Canvas shoes on Amazon, and prices tend to range from $20 to $25. The material is lightweight, consisting of super Canvas fiber, along with contrasting stitching on upper and tirpe vulcanized rubber soles.

Just from our general observations, there tends to be about 20 different colorways available with each separate ZGR Canvas Amazon listing, and it isn’t just standard colors either. You can also choose from a leopard print and different shades of tye-dye if you are in a more colorful mood. 

ZGR shoes are timeless, comfy, and breathable, with durable and washable canvas and two silver eyelets located on the side of the shoes to keep you comfortable the whole day, and are good choice for back to school gift,that can be easily paired with any casual clothes,and suitable for all year round. The Anti-slip thick rubber sole is another added feature that provides security and prevents slipping. Not bad for $20 bucks. 


That’s going to wrap up our list of shoes like Converse. As you can see, there’s more than plenty to choose from depending on what you are looking for. There are inexpensive options (such as the ZGR) if you are looking to spend less than $50, and then there are designer options like Maison Margiela if you are aiming for luxury. These brands are all proven with great reviews from customers who have purchased, so any one of these could make for a good investment.

As always, make sure you keep up with us for more style articles and roundups.

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