The 18 Best Basketball Shorts to Shop in 2024: Reviewed and Researched

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When it comes to the conversation of basketball apparel, basketball shorts are often left out of the mix. Some people think that basketball shorts are only necessary if you are an actual basketball player (same deal as basketball shoes). Not true at all. There are a lot of different reasons for adding a mixture of basketball shorts to your athletic/gym wardrobe, including versatility (which we’ll get into in a few). When choosing a pair of basketball shorts, quality is the most important factor as you want to make sure you're comfortable. Price checking/comparing is also important as cheaper doesn’t always equal quality, and spending a fortune doesn’t mean you are getting a solid pair of shorts. You’ll want to make sure you read the reviews thoroughly before purchasing, while also taking a look at your closet to see what the specific set of shorts you are looking at goes along with. Don't worry, though, we've the work for you by rounding up the best basketball shorts you can rock in 2024.

Whether it's our best overall selection, the Nike Men's HBR Basketball Shorts ($29.99, $26.99), a compression option such as the Nike Men's Dri-FIT Fitness Long Shorts ($30), or a relaxed good quality pair of shorts like Lululemon's T.H.E. Linerless Short 7" ($68). They also go quite well with your workout shirts and just about any pair of Jordans, Nike, or adidas shoes for that matter, which only adds to their versatility.

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The Best Basketball Shorts, at a Glance

1. Nike Men's HBR Basketball Shorts

Screen Shot 2022 07 14 at 8.45.16 AM

Best Basketball Shorts, Overall

  • Pros: Pretty inexpensive and relatively good quality
  • Cons: The loose fit may prove to be trouble for some
  • Inseam: N/A

A short that blends style and performance perfectly, with sweat-wicking technology and bold flourishes. Additional features include: Hand pockets, Swoosh design cut, then sewn into place, Dri-FIT technology to wick away moisture, and more. Available in multiple colors and sizes, you can purchase the Nike HBR Basketball Shorts for under $30 via Amazon.

SHOP NOW AT AMAZON, (Was $29.99, Now $26.99)

2. Nike Men's Dri-FIT Fitness Long Shorts

Screenshot 2024 02 16 at 5.46.25 PM

Best Compression Shorts for Basketball

  • Pros: Sweat-wicking, comfortable, multiple colors to choose from
  • Cons: Might run big according to some users
  • Inseam: 9"

The standard fit on these compression shorts from Nike make them a suitable choice for playing in and pairing underneath your standard basketball shorts. Additionally, the Dri-FIT Shorts also feature Nike's Dri-FIT technology for premium moisture evaporation that in turn will promote breathability and airflow as you are playing. Comfort isn't an issue with these compression shorts, and that's why we love them.


3. Under Armour Men's UA Tech Graphic Shorts

Screenshot 2024 02 16 at 5.52.10 PM
Under Armour

Best Loose Fit

  • Pros: Excellent pricing, comfortable, durable, sweat-wicking
  • Cons: Limited sizing options depending on color
  • Inseam: 10"

The overall cut and design of these UA Tech Graphic Shorts from Under Armour make them great for an easy relaxed fit to hoop in as the shorts don't get in the way as you're playing or create an annoyance. Made with 100% polyester and featuring technical specs such as Under Armour's quick-drying UA Tech fabric, an encased elastic waistband with internal drawcord, and mesh hand pockets you can store your smaller items in, the Tech Graphic Shorts are an affordable option to consider.


4. Aeropostale Boston Celtics Mesh Shorts

Screenshot 2024 02 16 at 7.00.44 PM

Best Throwback

  • Pros: A unique design that can definitely bring back the fun for those who are Boston Celtics fans
  • Cons: Could be too “team specific,” and lacks the technology that other shorts such as Nike and adidas have to make them versatile and top quality
  • Inseams: 6.25"

These mesh shorts are definitely for all of the Boston Celtics (or team-neutral) basketball fans out there, and they are pretty darn cool. Made with mesh fabric and offering a vintage 1990s nostalgia look that seems to be back in full swing once again, this is a nice pick up for those in the millennial generation. Priced at $35, sizes range between XS - 2XL.


5. AND1 Mens Basketball Shorts

Screenshot 2024 02 16 at 7.06.17 PM

Best Retro Throwback

  • Pros: Versatile, great price, comfortable, multiple sizes
  • Cons: Could run big according to some users
  • Inseam: 10"

A pair of basketball shorts for less than $15? Say less? Features on the AND1 Men's Basketball Shorts include: secure and comfortable elastic waistband and drawstring, a cool design, the legendary AND1 Logo, and the ability to machine wash on your own if you have the proper settings. The neutral design also make the shorts easy to pair with just about anything, and once again look at the price.


6. Champion Mesh 9" Pocket Short

Screen Shot 2022 07 14 at 9.19.22 AM

Best Bargain

  • Pros: Multiple colorways, versatile, has an adjustable waistband, affordable
  • Cons: Runs big according to some users
  • Inseam: 11"

Champion has a pretty nice deal on their basketball shorts that you should definitely look to take advantage of, and that includes these super affordable mesh shorts. The side pockets on these bad boys come in handy if in the instance you choose to wear the them casually, and the mesh is a nice additional feature that makes the shorts both breathable and sweat-wicking. With all those colors to choose from, you certainly shouldn't have a problem finding a pair that suits you.

SHOP NOW AT AMAZON, (Was $30, Now $11.30)

7. Mitchell and Ness Swingman Grizzlies Basketball Shorts

Screen Shot 2022 07 14 at 9.23.13 AM

Best Seller

  • Pros: Comfortable, breathable, nice design, easy to play in
  • Cons: On the pricier side
  • Inseam: 11"

Mitchell & Ness has quite a few of these variations available with different teams/team colors, but we picked the Memphis Grizzlies because...why not? Features on these shorts include being crafted with 100% polyester mesh fabrication, two side seam pockets for smaller storage, an elasticized waistband, and the NBA logo of course. These shorts also have the ability to be paired with any matching team jerseys as well, and they are very breathable along with being easy to play in.

SHOP NOW AT FANATICS, (Was $84.99, Now $50.99)

8. adidas 3G Reversible Shorts

DX6386 01 laydown
League Outfitters

Best for Convenience

  • Pros: Good fit, reversible, affordable, comfortable
  • Cons: Doesn't have pockets
  • Inseam: N/A

Give us a pair of basketball shorts, but make them reversible please and thank you. These adidas 3G Shorts feature sweat-wicking fabric to sweep moisture away from your skin with one side of the shorts being made with breathable polyester mesh, and the other of durable polyester doubleknit. There’s also a waistband for added comfort, and the shorts are under $25. A heck of deal here people.


9. adidas Creator 365 Shorts

Screenshot 2024 02 16 at 7.34.41 PM

Best in Popularity

  • Pros: Comfortable, multiple color options, versatile, easy to play in
  • Cons: Doesn’t come in tall sizes
  • Inseam: N/A

Consider this a clutch assist from us. There are only seven of the Creator 365 shorts left, and at the moment, it doesn’t seem like adidas plans on restocking anytime soon. Obviously if they are being snatched up like this, they are high in-demand, so you may want to order now.

SHOP NOW AT AMAZON, (Was $40, Now $27.94)

10. Iverson Basketball Fleece Shorts

Screenshot 2024 02 16 at 7.57.54 PM

Best for Versatility

  • Pros: Good quality shorts, affordable, easy to pair with other outfits
  • Cons: Could run big/small
  • Inseam: N/A

Allen Iverson doesn’t just make basketball shoes, he makes basketball shorts as well. The A.I. style comes with a graphic that mixes a printed net with an embroidered design, a sewn-on Reebok and I3 logo label, a flexible cut, and cushiony fleece. Throw in the price and you're looking at a mighty good deal here.


11. Nike Men's Dry Park III Shorts

Screenshot 2024 02 16 at 8.06.42 PM

Best for Training

  • Pros: Tons of sizing options, multiple colorways options, comfortable, versatile
  • Cons: Doesn't have pockets
  • Inseam: N/A

We’ve got another one specific for the girls/ladies. The Crossover Training Shorts have all the standard features that come with any Nike shorts. You’ve got the standard relaxed fit, the adjustable elastic waistband to help a custom fit, and, of course, the Dri-FIT® technology.

SHOP NOW AT AMAZON, (Was $26.42, Now $24.14)

12. Men's Tek Gear® Basketball Shorts

Screen Shot 2022 07 14 at 9.56.11 AM

Best Deal

  • Pros: Affordable, multiple colors and sizes, easy to play in, versatile, moisture-wicking
  • Cons: May not last as long as other basketball shorts
  • Inseam: 11"

A solid pair of basketball shorts for about $15 sounds like a pretty nice deal huh? Well that’s exactly what Kohls is offering on their Tek Gear Basketball Shorts. Breathable shorts with sweat-wicking properties and two pockets for storage, the Tek Gear Basketball Shorts give you five different colors to choose from all of which will have you looking like the king of the court.


13. PUMA For the Fanbase T7 Basketball Shorts

Screenshot 2024 02 16 at 8.19.54 PM

Best for Mobility

  • Pros: Versatile, durable, comfortable, easy to play in
  • Cons: Could run big according to some users
  • Inseams: N/A

PUMA has some of the most uniquely designed basketball shorts in the history of… well, basketball shorts, and that includes these For the Fanbase T7 Men's Basketball Shorts, which are a newly released pair that has quickly captured our attention due to the retro 1980s basketball vive. The shorts are also reasonably priced under $60, have the potential to be worn outside of the gym should you wish to use them for such, and are comfortably made with breathable mesh to help wick away sweat.


14. Mitchell and Ness Men's Chicago Bulls Big Face 2.0 Basketball Shorts

Screen Shot 2022 07 14 at 10.02.49 AM
Pro Jersey Sports

Most Recognizable

  • Pros: Vintage design, comfortable, durable
  • Cons: Could run big/small
  • Inseam: 8"

Of course we had to include another pair of basketball shorts with the Mitchell & Ness vibes. Obviously if you are a Chicago Bulls fan these are perfect with their retro 1980s/1990s design. Additional features include: 100% Poly Mesh fully lined, Officially licensed NBA gear, 2 inch flat waistband with rounded drawcord, and…side pockets round it all off. Cop these for $60.

SHOP NOW AT PRO JERSEY SPORTS, (Was $84.99, $59.99)

15. Vuori Kore Shorts

Screenshot 2024 02 16 at 8.34.48 PM

Best Technical Shorts

  • Pros: Comfortable, sweat-wicking, multiple colors and sizes, technical, durable
  • Cons: On the pricier side
  • Inseam: 9"

If you are on the hunt for a technical basketball short that checks all the boxes in terms of sweat-wicking, breathability, and overall comfort—the Vuori Kore Shorts are your guy. Made with a blend of recycled polyester, polyester, and elastane, the Kore Shorts are a performance short through and through with anti-odor and moisture-wicking properties, 4-way stretch, and quick-drying ability. Vuori also gives you a range of colors and sizes to choose from as well, so there's plenty to work with when it comes to the Kore Shorts.


16. Hoop Culture Varsity Mesh Shorts

Screen Shot 2023 05 03 at 1.55.08 PM
Hoop Culture

Best Mesh Shorts

  • Pros: Affordable, comfortable, breathable, versatile
  • Cons: Shorts could run too long depending on height
  • Inseam: 6"

If you are able to working with a slightly longer inseam, Hoop Culture has a dope pair of basketball shorts that are affordable with a nice design. The shorts come with an elastic waistband, a loop drawcord, and 6-inch inseam to help with being able to achieve a comfortable fit as well. The $25 price tag isn't too shabby either we must say.


17. LA Culture Shorts

Screen Shot 2023 05 03 at 2.02.20 PM
LA Culture

Best Graphic Shorts

  • Pros: Nice design, variety of sizes, durable, versatile
  • Cons: Could run small
  • Inseam: N/A

If you are going to hoop casually, it's best to do it in style, which is what LA Culture provides with their LA Culture Basketball Shorts. Crafted with polyester breathable mesh and double side pockets for storage, these under $40 shorts have a nice retro gold look, along with a compression underlying layer that allows for flexibility while playing. Plus, they have an absolutely sick look that allows you wear to them outside of hooping if you wish.

SHOP NOW AT LA CULTURE, (Was $50, Now $39)

18. Lululemon T.H.E. Linerless Short 7"

Screenshot 2024 02 16 at 8.47.47 PM

Best Sweat-Resistant Shorts

  • Pros: Great quality, made with great material, multiple sizes and colors, durable, comfortable, versatile
  • Cons: On the pricier side
  • Inseam: 7"

Going to Lululemon for your athletic needs is always an option, and we can attest to the personal comfort and breathability of their athletic products in particular. The Linerless Shorts from the brand are one of the many examples of the overall durable nature of their apparel as they are cut with recycled polyester and elastane, along with four-way stretch, sweat-wicking and quick-drying properties, and abrasion-resistant material. Priced at $68, you're spending more than what you would for basketball shorts at some other places, but the investment is worth the return.


19. Rhone Essentials Training Short

Screenshot 2024 02 16 at 8.54.01 PM

Also Great

  • Pros: Technical, sweat-wicking, breathable, versatile, more than one color
  • Cons: Limited sizes in certain colors
  • Inseam: 7"

Rhone's Essential Training Shorts are some of the best out there when it comes to performance shorts for any activity. Why is that you ask? We've tested these shorts and we'd have to say it's by far the overall quality and the recycled polyester fabric. There's a tad bit of spandex in the composition as well, which in turn gives the shorts just the right amount of flexibility needed to allow for free flowing movements as you play. The breathability and comfort is great as well, making the training shorts worth every penny of their $50 price tag.


What to Consider When Picking Basketball Shorts

Just like with anything shopping wise, you'll want to take a few factors into consideration before making your purchase.

Material: Whatever material you choose to go with, you'll want to make sure that the shorts are sweat-wicking, which is the case with shorts made with polyester material. Nylon is probably the most common fabric when it comes to its comfort and sweat-wicking properties. You'll also find some shorts are made with mesh material, which is also a solid lightweight option. Basketball shorts made with cotton and fleece may also be something to consider for the cold weather as they help to keep you warm with their insulated fabric. It's really up to you when it comes to the overall material of the shorts.

Inseam: The length of your shorts is also something that's dependent upon you. What are you using the shorts for? If you plan on running (which basketball requires), then you'll want a slightly shorter (but not too short) inseam. A 4-inch short seems like a good bet since it won't interfere with your ability to run comfortably.

Price: Last but not least, what are you willing to spend? Only you can determine what your budget is, but we think between $35-$50 is a decent amount to spend on shorts.

Other Uses for Basketball Shorts

Okay, so we already know the importance of basketball shorts for hoopers, but what about the other things they can be used for? For starters, the gym, outdoor exercising, walking your dog, etc. Basketball shorts can also be used for casual errands, especially during the fall when you can pair the shorts with hoodies. Basketball shorts are also good for the airport, and even lounging around.

So now that we know why you should own multiple pairs. Let’s get into some of the best available.

FAQs about basketball shorts:

Here are some frequently asked questions about basketball shorts:

How should basketball shorts fit?

Basketball shorts should neither be too loose or too snug. They should be a perfect fit that's right in the middle.

What is the best material for basketball shorts?

Through our testing we have found that the best material for basketball shorts is polyester. It also helps if there's a small amount of elastane or spandex in the composition of the shorts as it helps with giving you stretch room.

What inseam is best for playing basketball?

This comes down to a matter of personal preference (and your height), but in our opinion a 6" or 7" inseam seems to be the right balance as that tends to make the shorts neither too short or too long.

How much should basketball shorts cost?

While you can spend more if you like, we think the the $25 - $50 price range is a good sweet spot for basketball shorts.

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