5 Sneakers To Watch Out For This Weekend


I must admit that this week has been quieter compared to previous roundups, but I think that can be a good thing from time to time. I’m not sure if you guys feel the same way, but sometimes when there are a lot of hyped releases coming out within the same time frame, it can be quite overwhelming. Plus, I think some really dope sneakers ultimately end up getting lost in the mix because they aren’t commanding the attention of other releases. Now as far as this week goes, Reebok has a couple of killers, and so does Adidas. We’ve also got some new AJ1s dropping tomorrow which I think will be a heavy hitter per usual. So let’s take a look at what we have got to look forward to over the weekend.

1. Air Jordan 1 Zoom ‘Stadium Leap’

stadium leap
AJ1 'Stadium Leap' / Sneaker Bar Detroit

Release Date 4/3

So I will be the first to admit that I don’t have a bunch 1s in my closet. They tend to get snatched up quickly, and I refuse to pay resell prices (that article is coming soon). That said I may actually try for these. I’m a sucker for anything suede, and the white leather mixture is a good combo. Now that we are officially in spring, lighter colors are the way to go, and I can see this being a good spring/summertime shoe that can work with a lot in your closet. I’m thinking about starting a thread on Twitter where ONE37pm fans can show off their latest releases, so let me know if you get these!

BUY NOW, $150

2. Reebok Question Low ‘Glitch’

Reebok Question 'Glitch' / GOAT

Release Date: 4/2

Classic Reebok. Classic AI. Classic Questions. I always enjoy when Allen Iverson drops a new shoe because his sneakers remind me a lot of early 2000s culture and basketball. AI has pretty much stayed true to his original design and concepts while still keeping up with the times in the sense that his sneakers don’t look ‘dated.’ I love that because while it's important to change and ‘modernize’ things, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stray away from what originally worked in the first place. AI will always have our support over here, and these are sick.

BUY NOW, $120

3. Bad Bunny x Adidas ‘Easter Egg’

Screen Shot 2021 04 01 at 4.22.03 PM
Bad Bunny x Adidas ‘Easter Egg’ / GOAT

Release Date: 4/4

Set to release on Easter Sunday, this newest collaboration from Bad Bunny and Adidas is centered solely around the idea of Easter eggs. Dressed in a peach/pink colorway, the trainers have various shades of pink tones splattered around the shoe, and come with a buckle, which is an interesting touch. I like these! The lighter shades of pink gives the shoe a neutral versatility that makes it pairable with many different outfits, and will also come with a set of blue and green laces. I’m not sure how I feel about blue laces, but I think the mint green will be a cool contrast against the pink. You could also choose to go with white laces as well. Bad Bunny’s releases are always super hyped, so something tells me that the Confirmed app is going to be very busy Sunday morning.

BUY NOW, $160

4. Adidas Dame 7 ‘Fire Inside’

Dame 7 Shoes Fire Inside Orange FX7439 06 standard
Adidas Dame 7 ‘Fire Inside’ / Adidas

Release Date: 4/2

I can’t think of a more appropriate name for a Dame shoe than ‘Fire Inside.’ As I’ve said before, solid red shoes can be tricky to master as they can come off looking a bit ‘unrealistic’ if you aren’t careful, but Dame nailed this! The red mesh is hot, and the bottom of this sneaker is designed in a red and black snakeskin print. The inner part of the shoe is modeled to look like a fire, and the reddish orange laces are an added pop. Honestly these remind me of those action video games where you are battling in some sort of laboratory. I’m not sure why my mind automatically went to that, but that is what I instantly thought of when I saw these for the first time. 

BUY NOW, $110

5. Reebok Instapump Fury

Screen Shot 2021 04 01 at 4.30.00 PM
Reebok Instapump Fury / GOAT

Release Date: 4/2

I get that colorful sneakers may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but man these are fire! It’s not just the gradient effect, but also the transitions. If you look closely, the blue shade on the upper fades into a purple, and as the purple ‘circles’ around the shoe, it transitions back into the original blue shade. I’m a nerd, so I find stuff like that to be fascinating. I love Instapumps in general, so this is definitely going to be on my list for sure.

BUY NOW, $170

Well that is going to wrap up this week’s drops, but you guys already know that I’ll be back next week with the latest and greatest in the sneaker world. In the meantime you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with my collection.

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