The Five Best Sneakers Being Released This Weekend

Some dope drops this week as usual


Last week, I introduced a new segment where I focused solely on releases happening Friday through Monday. That seemed to go pretty well, so I am looking forward to the progression of this segment. That said, this weekend has some pretty sick drops to look forward to just in time for spring. We’ve got some new Lebron’s on the way, Pharrell coming with the heat per usual, and an Air Jordan 3 that I know is going to be a tough buy on Saturday. I won’t waste any more time blabbing so let’s get straight to it.

1. Jordan 3 ‘Midnight Navy’

Jordan 3 ‘Midnight Navy’ / GOAT

Release Date 3/20

March Madness started yesterday, which is dope because the ‘Midnight Navys’ definitely have a university feel. Georgetown inspires the silhouette, and this colorway is so nasty that it’s almost disrespectful. How dare Nike drop this when our pockets haven’t recovered from last week! I’m feeling the blue and grey overlays alongside the cement patterns, and for some reason, my mind went straight to joggers. 3s go perfectly with joggers, and it’s definitely still hoodie season too. I really shouldn’t be coordinating outfits for a shoe I have a slim chance at getting, but whatever.


2. Jayson Tatum Air Jordan 35 ‘Greatest Gift’

air jordan 35 wip women in power DD3667 400 1
Jayson Tatum Air Jordan 35 ‘Greatest Gift’ / Sneaker News

Release Date: 3/19

You know what this shoe reminds me of? Nickelodeon circa the 1990s and 2000s. There's just something about the light blue color with the green and red—anyway Jayson Tatum has always been known for his shoe game, and once again he didn’t disappoint.

If you look very closely, you’ll see the words ‘Women in Power’ written on the toe box, and that is to pay tribute to the many different powerful women in his life as a part of women’s history month. I like these a lot! The color scheme is bold, so you’ll have to go simple with any outfit you wear in order not to take away from the shoe, but I think you could still get some versatile looks out of it.


3. Reebok Question Mid 'Why Not Us?'

sneaker freaker
Reebok Question Mid 'Why Not Us?' / Sneaker Freaker

Release Date: 3/19

Not sure about you guys, but when I think about Reebok, Allen Iverson is the first thing that comes to mind. I remember seeing that commercial he did with Jadakiss in the early 2000s and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. Fast forward twenty years later, and ‘The Answer’ is still dropping continuous heat. Originally released in 2006, the shoe returns in a slightly remixed fashion, paying tribute to Iverson’s iconic performance at the 2001 All-Star game. Below is the video of Iverson narrating the ‘Why Not Us’ short film, and I highly recommend everyone watch it.


4. Adidas Yeezy QNTM

Adidas Yeezy QNTM / GOAT

Release Date: 3/19

Out of all the Yeezys that have come out recently, these are my favorite. The ‘QNTMs’ are known for their cultural impact in the hoops and entertainment industry, and like all the others, this iteration will be a hot look both on and off the court. These are actually so nice that I’m not even sure I would want to wear them when hooping, to exercise, etc. I know you have to look stylish at the gym, but if I’m gonna drop $250 (or more once it hits re-sellers), I’m not taking any risks. Y’all can do what you want, though. 


5. Adidas Forum 84 Hi ‘Orbit Grey’

Adidas Forum 84 Hi ‘Orbit Grey’ / GOAT

Release Date: 3/20

As much as I like mids, nothing will ever top a good high top. Dripped out in an ‘Orbit Grey’ colorway consisting of beige and white leather uppers, this is a clean look that still keeps the winter essence while having a pop of spring. While spring season officially starts tomorrow, many of us are still experiencing cool (or even cold) weather. The neutral design means that you can rock these on a 70-degree day or a 40 degree one, and I think they would go nicely with cream colors and perhaps springtime suede. Just my opinion though.


Okay so I’m enjoying these weekend roundups! I may eventually start doing little blogs here and there about Tuesday through Thursday releases. Some of the best drops this week came on those days in my opinion, so I’ll definitely be experimenting with that in the future. In the meantime tap in with me on Instagram and Twitter!

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