The 5 Hottest Sneaker Drops This Week

Loads of great releases this week

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Well, Punxsutawney Phil said there would be six more weeks of winter, and I guess he was right because these new drops are cold (corny, I know). February is already off to an icy start with some pretty dope releases hitting the market this week. We have a couple of new J’s (5s in particular), cool collabs, and daring statement colors that will be sure to turn heads. Overall this was a solid week, and once again, it was hard for me to narrow my picks down to just five, but I am determined to stick to that number regardless of how difficult it gets. I know you guys are here for the sneakers, so let’s jump in!

1. ‘AMBUSH x Nike Dunk High ‘Cosmic Fuchsia’

AMBUSH x Nike Dunk High ‘Cosmic Fuchsia / GOAT

Release Date: 2/04

I call these ‘The Pink Panthers.’ Ambush and Nike are joining forces to release the ‘Cosmic Fuchsia’ colorway, and the shoe is literally painted in different hues of pink with the upper dressed in a lighter ‘Lethal Pink,’ and the overlays drowned in the ‘Cosmic Fuchsia.’ I know some may not be a fan of pink colorways, but I like this shoe because of its uniqueness. 2021 is supposed to be about stepping out of your comfort zone, and nothing does that more than a daring sneaker. History tells us that it will be a while before we see Nike release a silhouette in this color, so buy it now, or forever hold your peace.


2. 'Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu 'Cream'

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Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu Cream / GOAT

Release Date: 2/05

Pharrell is just as creative with his sneakers as he is with his music. The ‘Creams’ are the latest addition to his collaboration with the ‘Three Stripes,’ and the shoe sports a futuristic design that looks like the year 3050, and I think these would be a worthwhile purchase. The cream neutral colors give the shoe a diverse look that would go with your winter and spring wardrobe. You could rock these with a coat and jeans/ joggers, or perhaps a hoodie/hoodie dress. Maybe even some dress pants/slacks, depending on the cut and style. It’s up to you!


3. 'Air Jordan 5 ‘Anthracite’

jordan 5s
'Air Jordan 5 ‘Anthracite / GOAT

Release Date: 2/06

My spidey senses tell me that this is going to be a difficult cop. Just saying. While this doesn’t have the same level of hype as the ‘Fire Reds,’ 5s tend to go quickly. The upper features a black and grey mixture, with a cement print sprawled across the midsole. The upper also features a suede fabric, so be mindful of the weather if you do decide to purchase (I once ruined a suede shoe in the rain). You have approximately 24 hours to get ready for these. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


4. ‘Nike Air Force 1 ‘Arctic Punch’

nike air force 1 experimental racer pink artic punch CV1754 600 1
Nike Air Force 1 ‘Arctic Punch / Sneaker News

Release Date: 2/06

What did Nelly say? Oh, that’s right, ‘Give Me Two Purrs’ (not pairs, purrs). I may be in the minority, but I think this sneaker defines the word eye-candy. Dressed in a neon ‘Arctic Punch’ pink, there isn’t much to say about this colorway except the fact that it is….pink. I consider this more of a collector's item and a chance to slightly redeem yourself if you missed out on the Jordan 4 ‘Retro Hot Punch’ release last year. Again your call.


5. 'Air Jordan 12 Low 'Super Bowl'

630780 01.jpeg
Air Jordan 12 Low 'Super Bowl

Release Date: 2/06

I didn’t want to put these in here because I try not to make these lists too Jordan heavy, but my hands are tied. The name of these sneakers pretty much explains the colorway theme, and the pattern is to die for. The red overlay is all leather baby, and the upper sports a black textile with gold accents. The red sufficiently covers the bases for both Tampa Bay and Kansas City fans and looks to be a limited edition release. My guess is that there won’t be too many of these made, so be ready to go on SNKRS.


That’s it for this week! I’m really excited about the month of February as next week already has some fire releases in the works. See y’all then!

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