5 Sneakers To Watch Out For This Memorial Day Weekend

Lots of Nike this week

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Okay, this week I’m going to be doing something that I have previously been largely opposed to. All five of my selections are going to be Nike and Air Jordan. I’m not particularly proud of this because if you have been keeping up with my blog for a while, then you’ll know that I’m typically hellbent on not being too Nike/Jordan heavy (to the point where I have excluded some pretty hyped releases). Nike, however, has left me with no other choice this week as these drops are beyond sick. Don’t get me wrong, there are some other fire releases happening this weekend such as the BAPE New Balance collab, and another round of Yeezys, but nothing on the level of the Nike releases this week in my opinion. Instead of rambling on, let me just show you guys what I am talking about.

1. Nike Dunk High “Court Purple”

Nike Dunk High
Nike Dunk High “Court Purple” / GOAT

Release: 5/28

The playoffs are officially underway, and it seems like Nike is in the Lakers spirit. The Lakeshow did have an exciting Play-In matchup against the Warriors last week, and as of this writing, they are currently tied 1-1 with the Phoenix Suns as they head back home. Now I’m not the biggest fan of “team-themed” sneakers, but I actually like these. The dark purple and black mixes makes this shoe veer towards the neutral side, and the average non-sports fan isn’t going to know it’s a Laker colorway, so you could definitely get away with wearing them even if your loyalties don’t necessarily lie with Los Angeles.

That said, any avid sports lover like myself knows wearing these would be completely unacceptable if you are a diehard fan of a team that isn’t the Lakers. Ironically enough, my team is the Cavaliers, so needless to say I will have to pass unfortunately. The shoe is still sick though.

BUY NOW, $170

2. Air Jordan 3 WMNS “Rust Pink”

Jordan 3
Air Jordan 3 WMNS “Rust Pink” / GOAT

Release: 5/28

I’m not sure why I’m excited about these at all. Knowing my luck I won’t even get close to snagging a pair, but that’s okay because acceptance helps make the process easier. For those lucky enough to cop, this is a great pickup as we transition into the summer weather and bright colors. I have a feeling I’m going to be seeing this shoe a lot on Instagram and Twitter, and I have to admit that I will be slightly jealous if I’m unable to get a W. I’ll keep you guys posted.

BUY NOW, $245

3. Air Jordan 1 Mid “Purple Pulse”

Air Jordan 1 Mid “Purple Pulse” / GOAT

Release: 5/28

Dang. I may like these more than the 3s! The pastel blends are amazing with the baby blue upper and the light purple overlays. These shoes look like they belong in the clouds, and if I could go back in time, I would put these on Morgan Freeman’s character in Bruce Almighty (you guys know this would have gone well with the white suit, so don’t front). Retail price on these are only $115, but as usual we’ll see how that one goes. I’m going to try to get these too.

BUY NOW, $124

4. Jordan Series 01 “Barons”

Screen Shot 2021 05 26 at 5.36.34 PM
Jordan Series 01 “Barons” / Nice Kicks

Release Date: 5/28

I’ve said this before, but anytime there is a Jordan Low, I am automatically going to include them because we don’t see them nearly as often compared to mids and high tops. The “Barons” aren’t the most groundbreaking pair of Js that you are ever going to see, but they are classy and get the job done. I have always appreciated the versatility of low tops as you can create a bunch of different looks with them. The solid black also makes this sneaker pairable with just about anything as well, so these could last you a good minute.


5. Nike Lebron 18 “Best 1-9”

Lebron 18
Nike Lebron 18 “Best 1-9” / Flight Club

Release Date: 5/28

Like I said before, the playoffs are always an exciting time, not just because of the games, but for the sneakers as well. Bron is dropping another iteration of the 18s that I personally think are pretty dope. Lebron has brought the heat in 2021 thus far, and the colorful patterns bring a unique touch. Sometimes it’s good to have a little color in your wardrobe, and this is a good start if you haven’t already.

BUY NOW, $236

That’s going to do it for this week, but as usual y’all know where to find me. Be sure to keep up with me on Instagram and Twitter!

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