9 Streetwear Stores You Should Check Out In Milan

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Can you believe we’re in the month of fashion? The month of couture? If you’ve been keeping up with our previous articles, you know we’ve been doing some of the best streetwear shops in the major fashion cities since August. It was only fitting that we conclude this year’s edition with a city known for its epic style and unique individuality.

That’s right; we’re doing Milan’s best streetwear designers and shops. Milan’s impact on fashion dates back to the Middle Ages and Renaissance eras in Venice and Florence, meaning they have literally been the standard for centuries.

Of course, fashion has evolved since then, and of those evolutions has been the rise of streetwear. If you plan on visiting Milan anytime soon, or if you’ve got plans to attend Milan Fashion Week, which is from September 20th through the 26th, we’ve compiled a list of the best streetwear stores to check out below. Nine of them, to be exact.

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This is just a list to get you started. Keep up with us for our Fashion Week coverage this month.

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