How to Get Your Hands On the Next Telfar Drop: The Rainbow Bag

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When’s the last time a drop has caused this much commotion? From shutting down Brooklyn at their NYFW pop-up to getting the top trending conversation on Twitter right now, one thing is for certain, and that’s the next Telfar drop is going to be one for the ages.

Throwback To NYFW

Cue the Steppenwolf.

Here are the details.

How to Get the Telfar Rainbow Bag

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Here’s the deal. Every single color and size of the Rainbow Bags will be available for purchase online this Friday September 23rd at 12pm EST, but there’s a catch. Since this is a massive sale, that means there will be no Bag Security Program, meaning no pre-orders. So once these bags sell outs that means the deal is over.

On top of that, there’s probably going to be a massive number of people on the site at one time, so getting connected to the site will probably be a battle in itself.

When Does the Rainbow Bag Drop?

May the best man win.

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