The Freestyle From Samsung Is Your New Personal Lifestyle Screen


It’s a new year, which means you may be thinking about upgrading and revamping your tech game. If that sounds familiar, Samsung has you covered with their versatile, portable projector, The Freestyle. Available now, The Freestyle is a way to take your entertainment on the go with tons of different features for your enjoyment. Now, you may be wondering what exactly those features are. We've got you covered.

The Freestyle Lifestyle 01 Main
The Freestyle / Samsung

The Freestyle boasts multiple cool capabilities, including Point and Play, Easy Setup, Smart Entertainment and Premium 360 sound. Let’s break 'em all down so you can get the full benefits of each.

Point & Play

The Freestyle Lifestyle 04
The Freestyle / Samsung

The Freestyle’s 180-degree design gives you the flexibility to point, play and enjoy the big-screen experience from your slanted walls and kitchen tables, all the way to your outdoor surfaces and floors. Designed with a round, compact shape, you can easily slip The Freestyle into a bag or backpack and take your entertainment with you wherever you go.

Easy Setup

The Freestyle Lifestyle 08
The Freestyle / Samsung

The Freestyle takes any setup hassle away with a projector that optimizes screen size, auto-focuses, and levels the image even when pointed on an angle. Simply put, The Freestyle does all the hard work for you, while giving you the chance to kick back and enjoy the content you love when and where you want.

Smart Entertainment

The Freestyle Lifestyle 14
The Freestyle / Samsung

With Smart Entertainment, you’ll enjoy the perks of being able to access your favorite streaming apps, listen to your dedicated playlist, and use voice assistants. You’ll be able to learn, work and watch from virtually anywhere. The Freestyle offers all the Samsung Smart TV features such as optimal screen sizes ranging from 30 to 100 inches and includes Samsung SmartHub: external content from the Micro HDMI port and compatible devices with AirPlay 2, SmartThings, or Tap View.

Premium 360 Sound

The Freestyle Lifestyle 03
Premium 360 Sound / Samsung

Exactly like it sounds (pun intended). With the Premium 360 Sound, you'll have powerful audio that goes where you go. Whether you're hosting a birthday party, tailgating, or enjoying the great outdoors, The Freestyle’s 5-Watt woofer sends sound waves in every direction for an incredibly immersive and cinematic audio experience.

Don’t miss your opportunity to snag The Freestyle!