The Style Behind 'Abbott Elementary'

Season 2 premieres tomorrow

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Ladies and gentlemen, Abbott Elementary is back! After a record-breaking season one, the show’s sophomore season is set to premiere this Wednesday, September 21st with a 22 episode order. Now we already know how funny the show is, and by now we are more than familiar with all of the characters and the role each of them plays in the story that is Abbott Elementary

In addition to their widely unique personalities, each character also has their own distinct style. Let’s break down the fashion sense of each one.

Janine Teagues

Gregory Eddie

Ava Coleman

Melissa Schemmenti

Barbara Howard

Jacob Hill

So this is the style of the main characters as we currently know it.

Season 2 is set to debut September 21, at 9 pm ET/PT on ABC.  Don’t miss out!

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