If You Have A Sec, Scroll These 7 IG Posts

a.k.a. the posts that floated above the BS on Instagram this week

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Post Malone, 88rising and Kemba / Instagram

Instagram is officially a celebrity's personal press release. In 2019, a notable figure can release news, highlights or ballin' red carpet and off-duty looks to the masses with the click of a finger. They're no longer reliant on publications or paparazzi images to get the message—or outfit—they want us to see in the spotlight. It's no surprise that style guys are popping up in droves to showcase their creativity on your IG feed.

But the sheer number of posts that get created each day—8.95 million according to Word Stream—can clutter up the good stuff. So we're editing down the noise to highlight our favorite posts of the week from ONE37pm approved people so you can scroll this list instead of wasting precious moments on a crowded platform. You're welcome!

Did we leave anything out? Send us a DM on Instagram at @one37pm with your favorite post this week.

Kemba at the ONE37pm Office

OK, sorry. I’m kicking things off with this gorgeous photo by Sarah Jacobs, our Photo Editor at ONE37pm, who turned our office into a photo studio with a simple flash in three seconds flat. Kemba is wearing a good fit. — Madison Russell, Style Editor

Lil Nas X on the Cover of 'Time Magazine'

This week we were blessed with Lil Nas X gracing the cover of Time Magazine. Shot by Kelia Anne MacCluskey, there’s a lot of amazing things about this portrait series, but I was most struck by the red coral rings he’s wearing, designed by Aman Itomi. The more rings on a hand, the better IMO. —S. Jacobs

Sam Smith and Calvin Harris’s Song Anniversary

Smith psyched the internet out with this romantic anniversary post...of the two artists’ song “Promises.” Great pic. Great people. —M. Russell

Julio Torres Photographed for 'The New York Times'

This photo of comedian and actor Julio Torres shot by Amy Lombard has 1994 vibes all over it. I feel like it’s channeling Green Day’s heyday. All I want to see for the rest of the summer is spiky hair dyed in rainbow colors on young men across America. —Sarah Jacobs, Photo Editor

KidSuper Attending a Wedding?

If someone showed up to my wedding dressed like this, I’m not sure how I’d feel. But safely in the confines of Instagram, KidSuper presents a good fit. —M. Russell

88rising Teams Up with Guess

A major brand collab-ing with Asian hip-hop collective 88rising, and old school Sears-like portrait setting backdrops equals good stuff. —S. Jacobs

Post Malone in a Car

This moment of Post Malone feels quiet and intimate. Captured by Adam Degross, it begs the question, “Has Post Malone been someone’s best man?” The answer is definitely. —M. Russell

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