These Are The 10 Top Selling NFL Jerseys

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NFL jerseys are so popular that you don’t have to have seen a minute of a football game to even wear one. Of course, once you’ve established a color, there is the question of what name and number you want on the back.

At any given moment, the top sellers in NFL jerseys are a solid way of gauging who is popular at the moment, because standing out on your team is a great way to get fans to put their money behind you. Below is a list of the top-selling NFL jerseys right now. These picks are the most recent from’s top sellers' list.

1. Tom Brady

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At the end of a month, Tom Brady often has the top-selling jersey and it should never really be a surprise. He’s widely considered to be not just the best quarterback of all time, but one of the best football players of all time and is a name that people who don’t even watch the NFL know. His signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in March of 2020 only meant that fans of his had a new jersey to buy and they’ve been doing just that. The most popular choice seems to be the Buccaneers’ red game jersey.

2. Dak Prescott

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Dak Prescott is the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. At the time of writing, there are a couple of weeks left before the Playoffs kick-off and Prescott has led the Cowboys to be a good seed in the National Football Conference. They’re the NFC East winners largely because of him. As a result, his #4 jersey is one of the top-selling in the NFL right now. The white and navy game jerseys are often the popular choice.

3. Mac Jones

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Mac Jones was the 15th overall pick by the New England Patriots despite many predicting that the San Francisco 49ers would take him. He signed his rookie contract in July of 2021, so it’s very impressive that he makes this list at all, let alone being on the higher end. Bostonians are loving their rookie right now and the dedicated fan base is enough for him to be on the list, even filling in Tom Brady’s big shoes. Jones’ navy game jersey is what most go for.

4. CeeDee Lamb

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When he was playing college football in Oklahoma, it was already the feeling amongst football fans that CeeDee Lamb would be a big name in the sport and that he is. He’s the wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys and his #88 jersey with the team is one of the top-selling NFL jerseys right now. As he heads into the Playoffs with the Cowboys, he’s excited and optimistic that the team hasn’t played their best yet, so some strong performances from him could see even more fans wanting his name on the back of their jerseys.

5. Josh Allen

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Since entering the NFL from Wyoming, Josh Allen has made an incredible case for himself as not only a great football player, but potentially an MVP candidate. Of course, despite his popularity and skill as one of the better quarterbacks in the game, the Buffalo Bills are indeed struggling at the moment, despite being the AFC East leaders. Allen’s blue and red #17 Bills jerseys are popular picks.

6. Patrick Mahomes


Pat Mahomes has had a little over a tougher time recently than we’re used to from him, but a short dry spell doesn’t change that he’s potentially on his way to his third Super Bowl in five years and is one of the biggest names in the sport. The Kansas City Chiefs are the AFC West winners and have the same 11-5 record as the Tennessee Titans, a great place to be ahead of the Playoffs. This is largely due to Mahomes. It’s no surprise that the quarterback’s red #15 jersey is on this list.

7. Lamar Jackson

The Athletics

Lamar Jackson is the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens and he has had an incredible impact on the team in the last few years. Other than his rookie year, the Ravens have led the league in rushing every year with Jackson under center. Even if you’re not a Ravens fan, it’s impossible to deny that Lamar Jackson is one of the most exciting football players in the league, so it’s no surprise that his name appears here. His purple #8 jersey is often the most picked.

8. T.J. Watt


T.J. Watt is the backbone of the Pittsburgh Steelers defense and is constantly in the conversation for being the defensive player of the year. As a result, he’s the highest-paid defensive player in the NFL and translates with his jersey sales. The outside linebacker’s #90 jersey in black is definitely the most popular choice amongst fans.

9. Justin Herbert


Justin Herbert is a quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers, who selected him as the #6 pick in the 2020 NFL draft. Herbert became the starting quarterback of the Chargers incidentally when Tyrod Taylor suffered a punctured lung. He stepped up to the challenge though, setting multiple records amongst rookies. The #10 jersey in powder blue looks great too.

10. Aaron Rodgers

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At the time of writing, the Green Bay Packers have the best record in the league with 13-3, putting them at the top of the National Football Conference. This is largely due to quarterback Aaron Rodgers. He’s won the Super Bowl and has been the MVP multiple times, but Rodgers also has a big name outside of the sport, starring in multiple commercials. The AR12 green game team jersey, as a result, is a top pick amongst fans.

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