How True Religion Made Its Comeback, Returning to Its Y2K Glory

A chat with the brand, plus an in-depth look at their history

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True Religion

“Seven Jeans True Religion, they say no but I keep giving,” or whatever Fergie said in 2005. There are brands, and then there are brands that transition past the point of just being a “clothing line” and put their stamp on popular culture. True Religion is indeed one of those brands that fall into the latter category, and while the line has never not been popular, it is undoubtedly experiencing a different kind of resurgence in the year 2023. You see, twenty years ago True Religion was at the forefront of the entertainment industry with tons of entertainers rocking it regularly, and now we’re starting to see some of Hollywood’s biggest names donning the brand and even getting endorsements. In 2023, Gen Z’ers and the younger millennials who didn’t get to experience the full joy of True Religion’s glory in the 2000s are now regular customers the same way teens and twenty-somethings did two decades ago.

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Best of all, the teens and twenty-somethings of two decades ago have dusted off their True Religion jeans, hoodies, and tees from all those years ago, while also adding some of the new styles to their closets. We had an opportunity to chat with CEO Michael Buckley about the past, present, and future.

The Early History of True Religion

It’s been exciting to see new customers—rappers, athletes, celebs and just great folks discover and become passionate about the brand.

- Michael Buckley

True Religion in Popular Culture

The Latest Chapter

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True Religion’s newest flagship is a store at Cumberland Mall in Atlanta… the latest in their over expansion process. “We love Atlanta! As our first new store since 2017, our primary goal was to open in an area where we know our consumer exists and make shopping with True Religion easy for them while giving them a unique, in person experience with the brand.” The store design Buckley tells us is a nod to their brand heritage. “Equally important was to create an appealing store design—a bright, airy, functional environment that reflected a modern aesthetic while maintaining subtle nods to our brand heritage,” he explains before giving us a behind the scenes look at how the store was put together.

“We scaled down the heavy use of our classic hickory hardwood and swapped it with a sleek natural ash. We increased our lighting capacity and cooled down the lamp temperature, we used more neutral tones, textured surfaces, industrial metals and concrete to give the space a modern feel.

A modern comfortable environment that invites customers to remember why they love the brand and discover what’s new is what customers at any True Religion location can expect when they walk in.

- Michael Buckley

"We also incorporated our classic True Religion, Buddha smile and horseshoe logos throughout. We think it’s the perfect juxtaposition of new design with core brand elements that our customer knows and loves from us. Lastly, we have a fantastic staff who loves the brand and is deeply knowledgeable about men’s and women’s products. They look forward to welcoming Atlanta customers to our new location in Cumberland!”

A modern comfortable environment that invites customers to remember why they love the brand and discover what’s new is what customers at any True Religion location can expect when they walk in with “sexy” and “cool” being the themes that represent their clothing. “Denim remains a core focus of the store experience, as we have the right fit for everyone,” Buckley says continuing: “The perfect activewear and accessories flank our jeans making it easy to create the perfect, head-to-toe True Religion outfit.We also added more places for advertising campaign imagery which shows customers how the brand is connecting fashion with culture and separately, denim fit guides to better help customers find what product is right for them. Of course, our staff is happy to help as well.”

The Resurgence of True Religion

And as for the actual clothes?

“Look for wide legs, baggy fits, and cargo silhouettes which are some of our newest fit introductions. We’ve brought back our heritage flare and bootcut jean fits in a big way and we continue to evolve our classic stitch program across our jeans and active product. Some of the customers favorites: Big T Active Sets across men’s and women’s—this is an original True Religion item that we’ve brought back from the archives based on consumer demand.

Rope Stitch and QT stitch in men’s and women’s jeans is another archival piece, back to make our consumers happy. Also expect to see cargos with contrast white stitching in our signature stitch and our tried-and-true Varsity Jackets.”

We can’t wait.

You can continue to keep with all things True Religion via their website and Instagram.

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