The Tyrrell Winston x Reebok Collaboration Has a Release Date

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Tyrrell Winston x Reebok

Tyrrell Winston, one of our favorite contemporary artists, has finally announced the release of his highly anticipated collaboration with Reebok. The Tyrrell Winston x Reebok collection consists of two sneakers, the iconic Club C 85 and the Question Mid.

The choice of shoes may seem random at first glance, considering the shoes serve distinctly different purposes. However, both models have played a significant role in Winston's life as an artist.

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Tyrrell Winston x Reebok

“Club C has been a part of my life for a very long time and are my go-to studio shoe - I’ve documented the wear of various pairs of Club C in the studio over the last few years, so this shoe is truly an extension of my work,” said Winston. “The Question Mid, well it’s a pinch-myself moment. Iverson’s cultural impact on and off the court is remarkable, almost godly, defying stamina and style. Both silhouettes are about references to my work, but they themselves are not art — on a certain level I look at them as mediums.”

A quick glance at Winston's work makes it abundantly clear that this collaboration is simply a match made in heaven. Basketball is a core element of his work, which often includes old, deflated basketballs as a consistent motif.

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Tyrrell Winston x Reebok

The shoes are plain and simple, but that's exactly the intention with the Tyrrell Winston x Reebok collaboration. The artist wanted to create "something my friends and I could wear every day". The devil is definitely in the details here, with both models featuring pony hair accents, Winston's signature on the sole, and subtle branding in the form of the artist's endearing New York doodles (or Noodles, as he calls them).

Set to release May 6, exclusively via Winston's website, both shoes retail for a price of $120. Don't fret if you can't cop then, though. A wider release through Reebok's site and select retailers will be coming May 13.

For some info another recent Reebok collab, read up on their previous release with KANGHYUK.

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