Stylin' and Profilin' with BRADY Creative Director Dao-Yi Chow

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Fashion designer and style extraordinaire Dao-Yi Chow has been capturing the hearts and attention of many fashion lovers for the past several years. With an impressive resume to his name, Chow has another entry to put on the list. His latest role? That would be the title of Creative Director for the BRADY brand. Unveiled in January, BRADY is still a brand new company, but they happen to have a man by the name of Tom Brady (you may have heard of him) leading the helm.

In addition to the actual clothes and apparel, this release also featured a campaign shot by legendary music video director, Hype Williams. Seeing as though Chow is the leader of all things creative at BRADY, it should come as no surprise that the designer was involved in the making of putting this entire campaign together. Big things are on the way for Chow and BRADY with more drops certain to come as we approach summer and fall soon after (which of course means the start of the NFL season), and we wanted to check in before things get really hectic.

ONE37pm: Thank You so much for taking the time to chat with us! Let’s start with this golf collection, which is the first dedicated sports category for the brand. Could you walk us through the process of putting this collection together?

Chow: Second to football golf is Tom's favorite sport. He's said that if he's not on the field you'll find him on the course so this was a priority activity we knew we were going to dive into next. And just like every activity that we design for, getting key insights from the top respective players from each sport is our starting point. We then figure out how to apply our POV of prioritizing movement, structured comfort, and versatility to the mix. 

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ONE37pm: For those that aren’t aware, could you walk us through how you came to join BRADY as a creative director?

Chow: I met Tom through Jens Grede and we just clicked. We all knew we had an amazing opportunity to come together to create the next great athletic performance brand while at the same time providing a platform for the next Tom Bradys of the world.

ONE37pm: Now for this campaign, you worked with legendary director Hype Williams along with athletes Cole Hammer and Michael Brennen. How was that?

Chow: Hype has been a visionary since the early 2000s. Tom and I have been big fans of his and we wanted to lean in and reference a bit of the nostalgia from that era to carry it through to an unexpected sport like golf. Cole and Michael were thrilled to work with Hype as well!

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ONE37pm: You guys have been rolling out collections! Can we expect more collections in the spring and summer?

Chow: We're looking to continue to build our core system of dress with every season. Each collection will feature fabric-led innovation that can be used for any training situation. 

For more, you can keep up with Chow on Instagram, and the BRADY brand via their official website.

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