Under Armour Is Leading the Versatile Footwear Game with the SlipSpeed

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The lifestyle of an athlete is notoriously fast-paced. From workouts to games and everything in between, time is of the essence—and that includes footwear.

Basketball players, for example, are notorious for wearing slides to the gym. They usually change into a pair of basketball sneakers and then potentially a third, different pair to lift or get a workout in. It's madness. But what if there was a pair of kicks that could essentially do the work of multiple pairs of sneakers? That's where the Under Armour SlipSpeed comes in. Designed to support both train mode and recover mode, the SlipSpeed can seamlessly transition from high performance workout shoe to a casual slip-on that's perfect for your commute, rest or really anything you get up to outside the gym.

We rounded up the key reasons why the SlipSpeed is a total game-changer for anyone looking to train hard (and maintain an efficient wardrobe) without sacrificing style.

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1. Go from Train Mode to Recover Mode in a Flash

The convertible heel is arguably the pièce de résistance of the SlipSpeed. When in an upright position, the wearer has added stability in the form of reinforced supportive material with engineered venting—perfect to help get you through any tough training or workout. When down in recover mode, you'll still have the signature UA Flow cushioning for unmatched comfort, ground contact and traction (aka no squeaks) with the added benefit of easily slipping your shoes on and off. Plus, who doesn't like getting to effectively "power up" your sneakers?

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2. Keep Your Feet Cool as a Cucumber

An often underappreciated asset of athletic footwear is the breathability. There's nothing worse than getting through a tough workout and realizing your socks are drenched. With that in mind, the SlipSpeed utilizes heel-to-toe interior foam padding with cool-to-the-touch Iso-Chill technology, coupled with an ultra-breathable upper.

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3. Get a Personalized Fit

Laces are out. Instead, the SlipSpeed uses the BOA fit system, which allows each wearer to get their own personalized fit, one click at a time, with a 12-point lockdown system. So even in recover mode, the shoes will still be secure and comfortable.

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4. They're Easy to Clean

Washing sneakers always seems like a risk, which is unfortunate because they get unbelievably dirty. Not so with the SlipSpeed. They can be tossed into the washing machine if they're filthy or sweaty—which granted will be hard to do, because of point #2. Just be sure to use a laundry bag.

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