Guys at VaynerX Wear This to Work

We know you’re curious about what our VaynerMedia offices in New York City’s Hudson Yards look like. (Hot tip: We have cold brew and kombucha on tap.) But have you ever wondered what the creative minds who propel the endless content that gets cranked out of this building look like?

TL;DR: These guys prioritize comfort. We’re far more laid-back than financial institutions like Goldman Sachs, whose recent office attire memo was leaked to reveal that khakis are now allowed.

The sports apparel market is estimated to grow to $178 billion in 2019, and these employees are leading the charge. From data analysts to members of Team Gary Vee, here’s how guys dress to work at VaynerMedia.

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Name: Anthony Bobongo

Age: 26

Title: Support Analyst

What do you do at work?

Anthony Bobongo: I try to put out fires and make sure that everything on the back end of VaynerMedia is working correctly. I make sure your emails, Slack accounts, Wi-Fi networks, all the nuts and bolts of technology are up and running.

What does “good style” mean to you?

Bobongo: It means liking what you wear and being comfortable in what you’re wearing. It all depends on how you feel. If I’m having a chill day, I’ll throw on sweatpants.

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Name: Demariano Hill

Age: 27

Title: Senior Data Analyst

What do you do at work?

Demariano Hill: My most prominent, day-to-day function is monitoring the clients’ media acquisitions for a bunch of different partners. I basically turn data into comprehensive reports. We look at how people consume their product and deliver it to our media team.

What does “good style” mean to you?

Hill: Good style is a mix of comfort and the way clothes make you feel. If you feel good and you have a smile on your face, it’ll be a good vibe.

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Name: Tyler Schmitt

Age: 27 (About to be 28 on June 2)

Title: I don’t have one…

What do you do at work?

Tyler Schmitt: I wake up and I go to sleep, and everything in between is making sure that the world surrounding Gary Vaynerchuk continues to revolve. Relationships, schedules, family, health. I play roles in Team Gary. I started as Gary’s brother’s assistant in May 2014, and it has developed from there.

What does “good style” mean to you?

Schmitt: Good style, to me, means comfort and confidence.

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Name: Nick Bullen

Age: 24

Title: Media Associate

What do you do at work?

Nick Bullen: I sit squarely in the middle of the media team and the analytics team and relay info between the two.

What does “good style” mean to you?

Bullen: For me, I like to be comfortable with a pop. I’ll wear comfortable clothes but make sure my sneakers are on point.

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