5 Weekend Sneakers To Watch Out For

This week was quiet, but still poppin

Michael Caloca

Well, this was an eventful week of Ls for a lot of us. Luckily we have a few more opportunities to snag some more pickups. Usually, on weeks like this where the biggest drops happen earlier in the week (like Monday through Wednesday), I like to showcase some of the ‘quieter’ sneakers that aren’t making a ton of noise in the sneaker community, and this is exactly what I am going to do this time around as there isn’t anything super major on the calendar except for the Jordan 13s and the new Lebrons. So without further ado, these are my five selections that you should consider checking out over the weekend.

1. Nike Lebron 18 ‘Lebronold Palmer’

Nike Lebron 18 ‘Lebronold Palmer’ / GOAT

Release Date: 4/30

The ‘Lebronold Palmer’ is back y'all! Maybe it’s my own imagination, but I have always been able to see how these shoes look like a lemonade/iced tea blend, and I imagine the tropical vibes take the whole fit to another level. I actually don’t own a pair of Lebrons, and as a lifelong Lebron fan, I’m kinda embarrassed. Maybe I’ll start with these. This iteration of the 18s features a similar tropical colorway and is a great spring/summer transition sneaker that can be paired with a lot in your closet. Y’all plan on getting these?

BUY NOW, $189

2. Air Jordan 13

air jordan
Air Jordan 13 / GOAT

Release Date: 5/01

Is it truly a Saturday morning without the chaos of SNKRs? One of these days, we will all admit that we enjoy the madness of SNKR drops, but until then, we'll just keep pretending like this isn’t a toxic relationship we’re all a part of. That said, there is a new iteration of AJ13’s dropping tomorrow morning in a Red Flint colorway if y’all are interested in another pickup.

BUY NOW, $205

3. Travis Scott X Air Jordan 6 British Khaki

Screen Shot 2021 04 29 at 5.18.19 PM
Travis Scott X Air Jordan 6 British Khaki / GOAT

Release Date 4/30

I originally wasn’t going to put these on here, but I suppose somebody will be lucky enough to get a pair. The current retail price is set at $250, but I think we all know good and well that only a few individuals are actually going to get this shoe for that price. This is a beautiful sneaker, though, with its cargo/military theme. Plus, the upper is suede, and I’m a firm believer that suede can really elevate a shoe to the next level.

BUY NOW, $250

4. Nike Air More Uptempo Sky Blue

Screen Shot 2021 04 29 at 5.25.47 PM
Nike Air More Uptempo Sky Blue / Hypebeast

Release Date: 5/1

Okay, I’m officially sold on the Uptempos. The huge lettering has always been a hard selling point for me, but I’m giving in. The color combination on this one is literally perfect with the sky blue mixture and cloud white. It literally reminds me of flying through the clouds, and I guess that is exactly what Nike was going for. I personally think that there are a lot of great looks that can be styled with these shoes as the color is still on the neutral side. I may try for these.

BUY NOW, $170

5. Nike Air Foamposite One All-Star 2021

Nike Air Foamposite One All-Star 2021 / GOAT

Release Date: 4/30

I had a hard time trying to figure out what I wanted my final entry for this week to be. It was between the Overkill x Adidas collab and these. I decided to go with the Foams because I don’t think I have ever included a foam release on my roundups, and I wanted to change that. Now I must admit that these aren’t the most groundbreaking Foams that I’ve seen, but they are still dope. The black upper and the green outsole are a good contrast, and I think this is another versatile shoe that can be paired with just about anything. It would have been nice if these had actually come out for the all-star weekend, but I digress.

BUY NOW, $390

Well, that’s going to do it for this week. As usual, I’ll be back next week with five more weekend drops. In the meantime I’ve added to my collection, so keep up with me on the gram and twitter!

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