Wimbledon Style Throughout the Decades, from 1881 to 2019

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The oldest tennis tournament in the world, the Championships at Wimbledon, is in full swing this month. Played on outdoor grass courts with a serious dress code, the style rules at Wimbledon have remained strict since its inception in 1877. 

It is a time-honored tradition that all participating tennis players wear all-white clothing, or at least almost all-white. Some color accents are acceptable, but no blatant logos can be shown. This rule proves sponsorships and endorsement deals to be sparse on the court. Women and men are referred to as ladies and gentlemen, the royal family views the games from the royal box and the prize money is rich. 

We combed through thousands of images from throughout the decades to find the most memorable, and perhaps most surprising, men’s Wimbledon styles, from as early as 1881to today’s 2019 tennis leaders.

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1881: British tennis player William Renshaw and Herbert Lawford playing for the men’s singles title at Wimbledon, which Renshaw won. / Hulton Archive/Getty Images


wimbledon history tennis style 3
1900: Jean Borotra, left, who was defeated by Henri Cochet. / George Rinhart/Corbis via Getty Images
wimbledon history tennis style 2
1900: William T. Tilden and Francis T. Hunter, American tennis stars, at the singles and doubles tournament. / George Rinhart/Corbis via Getty Images

renee lacoste wimbledon 1900
1900: René Lacoste in play against Henri Cochet. / George Rinhart/Corbis via Getty Images


wimbledon fashion style tennis 1910
1910: American tennis player Maurice McLaughlin with Ducan at Wimbledon for the final match of the Davis Cup championship. / Hulton Archive/Getty Images


wimbledon tennis style 1920
1920: Gerald Patterson of Australia, on right, congratulates Bill Tilden of Philadelphia after the American defeated him. / Bettmann/Getty Images

1925 and 1950

wimbledon mens style 1925
1925: French tennis player Henri Cochet, two-time winner of the men’s singles title at the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships. / Topical Press Agency/Getty Images
wimbledon mens style 1950
1950: American tennis player Budge Patty consoles Australia’s Frank Sedgman after beating him in the men’s singles final at the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships. / J. A. Hampton/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

1975 and 1993

wimbledon mens style arthur ashe
1975: Arthur Ashe of the United States serves during a men’s singles match at the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships. / Focus on Sport/Getty Images
wimbledon mens style andre a
1993: Andre Agassi of the United States celebrates during the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships. / Bob Martin/Allsport


wimbledon tennis style nadal
2019: Spain’s Rafael Nadal returns against Portugal’s João Sousa during their men’s singles fourth-round match. / BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images
wimbledon tennis style novak
2019: Novak Djokovic of Serbia celebrates victory in his men’s singles fourth-round match. / Shaun Botterill/Getty Images
wimbledon tennis style federer
2019: Switzerland’s Roger Federer in action during his fourth-round match at the Wimbledon Championships. / Cynthia Lum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
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