On One Year Without Shopping

Community responses to a minimalist's question

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I’m a self-proclaimed minimalist. In the past year, I’ve chosen to rent, thrift, upcycle, re-wear or borrow all of my clothing. I haven’t purchased a single clothing item from a traditional retail store or marketplace. But it sounds like you all haven’t either. 

A New York Times article called “My Year of No Shopping” launched an internet frenzy, challenging consumers to buy less and think more. According to Forbes, sustainable fashion search terms are soaring. The documentary available on NetflixMinimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, explores the life of two guys who gave up on the social constructs that owning more equals more happiness. 

If you follow ONE37pm on Twitter, you know that we pose thought-provoking questions to our audience daily. Little did I know that the below would resonate so much.

Here is a list of community responses from our Twitter question. Could you embrace a year of no mindless shopping? How can you reuse or repurpose what you already own? Could you rent your clothes for special occasions? Tweet us at @137pm and let us know.

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