Chipped: Networking at Your Fingertips

Kiko World and Gossip Protocol are bringing NFC chips to press-on nails

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You know when you think about the future of technology and you think, “How could it possibly get more advanced than this?” We've seen NFC chip technology embedded into sneakers, vintage clothing, and now, in the form of chip-embedded press on nails.

Chipped is the brainchild of Gossip Protocol in collaboration with KIKI World that will change the way we share information and credentials. Each press-on nail comes chip-embedded and can be programmed to link to digital profiles, content, social media accounts, credentials – the options are limitless and up to the user. With Chipped, the ability to share these links with someone you just met is at your fingertips – literally.

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KIKI World champions a democratic approach to its product development, and this collaboration to bring Chipped to life will be no different. Now through December 31, co-creators will vote to decide on the first designs for the Chipped press-on nails that will be available for purchase.

Let’s face it, as tech continues to advance, the fear of data-privacy and concern over legitimacy in decentralized platforms has us on our toes. We all want to feel in control of our data. Chipped puts all the power back in your hands, starting with your fingertips. 

For more information about Chipped visit and follow on Instagram.

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