Catching Up with FVCKRENDER on His Disruptive Work, Process and the State of the Art World

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Photo by Karel Chladek at Nolcha Shows

Meet FVCKRENDER – the globally disruptive transhuman artist whose work blends physical and digital art and transcends traditional boundaries in the art world. I had the chance to catch up with FVCKRENDER at the Nolcha Shows art exhibition at NFT.NYC—a 360 immersive event that explores the intersection of art and technology—to talk to him about his art, his process, and his views on the art world.

His work is currently available on Opensea.

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FVCKRENDER is a visionary Vancouver-based tech-digital artist who will likely go down as one of the most traded digital artists of our time. His self-taught creative approach is infused with a futuristic sensibility that sets him apart from his contemporaries. With a keen eye for sharp architectural geometry, he brings to life awe-inspiring crystalline arrangements that beam with brilliant hues, creating hauntingly beautiful future landscapes.

Through his thought-provoking work, FVCKRENDER offers a compelling glimpse into what our future existence might look like. His work has been exhibited in galleries all over the world, and he is known for his intricate 3D creations that blend the organic and the mechanical.

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Photo by Karel Chladek at Nolcha Shows

When I asked FVCKRENDER why he comes to events like NFT.NYC and Nolcha Shows, where his artwork was displayed, he told me, "I think I came here just because I like to see all my friends. I don't come to connect or to make connections. It's more like casual meeting friends and hanging out."

FVCKRENDER values his community and the relationships he has built over the years. He also values the opportunity to showcase his work, whether in a decorated gallery like Sotheby’s or innovative web3 events like Nolcha Shows.

"I don't value auction houses as more prestigious than my event or art gallery. It's all the same as long as everything is dope and looks cool. That's what matters." For FVCKRENDER, the art itself is what's important, not the reputation of the venue or the auction house where it’s being displayed.

How do you stay current with the latest technological advancements in art?

FVCKRENDER's art is a blend of the organic and the mechanical, known for intricate 3D creations. "I used to be able to be on top of everything, but it's impossible now. I have many friends who are bigger nerds than me, which helps. But honestly, I think about what's not available. That helps me do shit."

FVCKRENDER's approach to art is refreshing in its simplicity. He focuses on creating interesting things he loves rather than being on top of the latest trends or having the best tools.

What does it mean to be a successful artist?

Many would think it’s necessary to be on top of the trends to be a successful artist. But for FVCKRENDER, it’s difficult to define what works and what doesn’t.

Success is undefinable. It's a journey inside of you that you're trying to accomplish.


 "I don't know what it is to be a successful artist. You might ask me this question in a few years. Success is undefinable. It's a journey inside of you that you're trying to accomplish. For me, success a few years ago is not the same as today, and today is not the same as five years ago. You always want to be somewhere else, no matter how good or successful you are."

Despite his success, FVCKRENDER remains humble and down-to-earth. It didn’t seem like he was very interested in speculating on his position in the modern art space at all.

"I don't know anything about art in general. I don't go to art galleries. I started to do art to feel better, not because I was interested in art. I don't have any criticism about any art type or anything like that."

Aspiring artists in the TikTok age

Despite his indifference toward ranking among his artist cotemporaries, FVCKRENDER does have some thoughts on the intersection of art and social media.

"I've seen so many younger artists who are from this generation of TikTok and real knowledge, and they feel the pressure of putting out content 24 hours to be someone. It's so crazy that you need to be a jack of all trades today rather than just a master of one. It doesn't make any sense to me."

What does your creative process look like?

When asked about his creative process, FVCKRENDER admitted it's "boring," but it works for him. He simply sits down and lets the ideas flow. "I just like to sit down and like do shit and like just try to empty myself of what I feel pretty much," he noted. He doesn't sketch or draft his work; he just does it.

As for how he wants people to feel about his art, FVCKRENDER said he used to care a lot, but now he cares less. However, he does want people to appreciate the spiritual sci-fi aesthetic of his work. "It's more like spiritual sci-fi, so it's like, it's more like a vibe than like Star Wars," he explained.

FVCKRENDER is known for blending physical and digital art, and he said that he loves doing it. "I'm getting a little bit bored of doing only 3D art and, like, digital art in general," he said. "So like, for me to, like, experience something else like another medium has been really fun and like very eye-opening or mind-opening? Both."

He explained that it's been interesting to try to create something digital in the physical world. He experiments with textures and tries to create something that looks digital but is actually physical. "So that's very like where I like to do things like, 'Oh, can I make something that looks digital?'" he said.

What would you recommend buying as a collector?

When asked which of his works he would recommend to a buyer, FVCKRENDER said that it depends on what the buyer is looking for. He has a collection of OG NFTs and one-of-one pieces available on various platforms.

However, if someone wants to be a part of the larger ecosystem community that FVCKRENDER is building, they should check out LVCIDIA, the immersive marketplace he's creating.

Meet LCVCIDIA – a Digital Fine Art Platform

FVCKRENDER started LVCIDIA to create an immersive experience to showcase true digital art. 

"I'm a digital artist, so my medium is in 3D," he explained. "I can see the space in 3D and everything. So I was like, 'Oh, how can I use the blockchain technology and Unreal Engine Technology and create like this immersive experience to show the true digital art because it shouldn't be seen on a web page.'"

He said that the project has been going well, and he decided to expand it to include other artists. Initially, he created it for the pandemic, but he felt that it wasn't inclusive enough. "It was just like it just kept hiring," he said. "So we rebranded for something more inclusive."

FVCKRENDER is constantly pushing boundaries and experimenting with new mediums. His work is a fascinating blend of physical and digital art that showcases the true potential of both mediums. With LVCIDIA, he's creating a new kind of marketplace that will give digital art the immersive experience it deserves.

He wanted to create a space where digital artists could express themselves freely and connect with their audience in a more engaging way. LVCIDIA is not just a marketplace but a metaverse where art lovers can explore, discover, and collect unique digital art. LVCIDIA is the future of digital art, and FVCKRENDER is leading the way.

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