1/1 Artist Spotlight: The Noisy Work of Quirze

Artwork courtesy of Quirze / Graphic by ONE37pm

The line between absorbing a myriad of inspirations and it diluting your own work is a fine one—and central to many of Quirze's responses in our interview with the artist. "I don’t have idols, but I do have people I appreciate a lot," he tells us, going on to list a group of people ranging from Adam Sandler to Argentine filmmaker Gaspar Noé. Producing a vast array of physical art that he brings into the digital realm, Quirze's work eludes classification.

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ONE37pm: How has your artist journey changed since getting into NFTs? How did you start?

Quirze: I started joining the space through a friend. I’ve always made art, but in web3 I’ve been able to go further and further with my craft.
Web3 for me is a medium to the people. Instead of having to physically be somewhere, I can finally just show my art through a button and let it speak for me.

ONE37pm: Do you prefer physical or digital?

Quirze: Physical without a doubt. Even though my work has digital work on it, the foundations and most of it are done with my hands.

ONE37pm: How would you describe your art style?

Quirze: Well attired noise.

ONE37pm: Who or what are some of your biggest inspirations?

Quirze: I don’t have idols, but I do have people I appreciate a lot for existing. Such as Roy Andersson, Goya, Gaspar Noe, Albert Serra, Courage the Dog, Yung Lean, Adam Sandler, and I could go on and on and on.

ONE37pm: What is your favorite piece?

Quirze: “very bad news,” owned by Space Case.

ONE37pm: What do you hope to accomplish in the next year?

Quirze: Everything goes too fast and I can barely keep up. Just do me and see how it goes.

ONE37pm: When do you feel most inspired to create?

Quirze: Definitely somewhere around 6:00 AM, when it’s still pitch black.

ONE37pm: Who are 3 artists you have your eyes on at the moment?




ONE37pm: What advice would you give to an artist starting in the space right now?

Quirze: Try to never lie to yourself, and don’t saturate your head with too much art from the scene.

ONE37pm: Would you rather be relatable or aspirational to your audience?

Every mind is different. I’ll do it for myself first and then those who will relate to it, will do. Those who feel inspired by it will be.

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