Kush Kriminals Brings Cannabis and Comic Book Culture to Life

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Kush Kriminals legendary artwork by Namoistares, Jerry Gaylord, and Naomistares

Like buying weed? What if I told you, you could get discounts on your favorite weed over and over again. Cannabis connoisseurs put the J down and check this out. This project is offering Cookies® discounts for life.

Meet Kush Kriminals – a utility-driven, digital collectible project based on a brand new media universe written by Marvel & DC writer Sam Humphries. The project features high-res, full-length art & is partnered with select Cookies® cannabis dispensary locations to offer you the best community benefits in the Kush Galaxy. Other names involved in the project include Steve Lobel—from We Working, QGTM, Cookies and Lemonnade—and TV producer Johnny Fratto.

Through its partnership with Cookies, Kush Kriminals runs its line of cannabis products and clothing available in 5 locations in 2 states so far, including their first three custom strains: Pluto Twilight (Indica), Martian Sunrise (Sativa), & Asteroid Dreams (Hybrid).

To complement the cannabis brand, Kush Kriminals is launching a 100+ page "Handbook of Krime" anthology already in print, featuring the first 6 stories in the ever-expanding KK universe, with more stories on the way.

Comic books, Kush, and Cookies? What more can you ask for.

Real-world cannabis utility for NFT holders

One of the Kush Kriminal strains, Pluto Twilight, is now available in store as flower, with prerolls & concentrates on the way. KK holders get a 15-30% off storewide lifetime discount on both KK & Cookies cannabis & clothing products, plus additional perks if your Kriminal is “locked up,” making it an excellent investment for cannabis enthusiasts who regularly purchase these products.

With Kush Kriminals NFTs, you get access to exclusive in-real-life experiences, such as meet-and-greets with celebrity cannabis enthusiasts and behind-the-scenes tours of cannabis-related events. These experiences can provide a rare and exciting opportunity for those passionate about the industry.

As a holder, you will also receive priority access to all future drops and exclusive quarterly gift boxes for Legendary holders. These gift boxes contain exclusive products and merchandise that cannot be found anywhere else, making them a highly sought-after item among collectors.

Launching on Magic Eden

Kush Kriminals will launch as an Ethereum project on Magic Eden’s launchpad. The KK public mint comes through next month after a live event in LA this April.

A comic book story for the ages

The project offers a unique blend of cannabis culture and storytelling through its 3D characters and 120-page anthology. The anthology includes six short stories and illustrations that bring the Kush Kriminals world to life.

There are 15 legendary characters. These characters are all 1 of 1s, with background descriptions and character cards that deeply dive into their personalities and histories. They will be a central part of the Kush Kriminal universe.

Future opportunities in media and entertainment

The Kush Kriminals media universe is a vast sci-fi saga described as "Blade Runner and Grand Theft Auto had a baby on Adult Swim." The story of Kush Kriminals will be told across multiple mediums, such as TV, comics, and gaming. By creating a strong intellectual property from the very beginning, the Kush Kriminals team has positioned themselves for cross-media domination.

Kush Kriminals underscores a fascinating exploration of cannabis culture and storytelling. With its 3D characters, anthology, and upcoming episode series, the project has created a rich world that fans are eager to explore.

By expanding into other mediums and building a strong IP, the Kush Kriminals team has set themselves up for potential success in the future. It will be exciting to see where this project goes next and what new developments they will bring to the NFT space through their creative IP and tangible utility.

Are you ready to #becomeakriminal?

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