Green Street's 420 Experience is a True Ode to the Cannabis Community

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"What's the ultimate 420 experience?" Rama Mayo, president and founder of Green Street, posits to me as he explains the genesis behind his agency's cannabis event of the year.

A self-proclaimed 420 skeptic, Rama tells me, "When you see what happens at 420, I didn't really think it was on brand. It was the same feeling I got when I'd see a bunch of people dressed up for St. Paddy's Day being sloppy." But last year, they hosted a party for the holiday that changed his perspective. "I saw a woman crying at the party, in tears," he tells me, fearing the worst. When he approached her, he found they were tears of joy: "She was like, 'It's 420, oh my god, look how far we've come." For those who have been in the cannabis community for decades, this feeling may be familiar. A long illegal practice is now something that can be celebrated

"And in that instant, I was like, 'Wow, 420 isn't going anywhere. I shouldn't be skeptical of it. I should embrace it and try to push it to where I want it to be.'"

So with this new perspective, Rama kicked off the idea for the ultimate 420 experience: "Fun is the plan now." After considering a beach party and some other avenues, he came back to a true stoner ideal: playing games and hanging out. Everyone loves to play video games, smoke and watch some movies for the holiday. So Green Street partnered with Two Bit Circus to bring in a roster of arcade games, all unlocked and entirely free to play for the duration of the event.

They also partnered with Sweet Flower next door to sell weed, so everything is fully compliant. And the parking lot between the two will be a perfect smokers' lounge.

Partners for the event include Zippo, Liquid Death water, High Rise, Jay Chandrasekhar, RAW, Dutchie, The Cure Company, Originals, Alligator Jesus, 818 Brands, Dabwoods, David Bienenstock, MMD, Little Matron, Jared Brady, Royal Blunts and more.

Just give the community as much cool stuff as we can. That's the idea in a nutshell.

- Rama Mayo, President of Green Street Agency

And while last year's event was called Green Street Fest, Rama opted to take the name out of this version. "I didn't call it Green Street Fest, because 420—to me—is owned by the community. The goal was to bring together all the promoters, all the people, all the weed brands. A true community celebration."

Down the line, Rama hopes to grow the event to other cities and keep expanding the idea around a core tenet of just having fun with the community for the holiday: "For now, keep it simple. Invite out as many humans we can."

The 420 Experience will take place from 6pm to 10pm at the incredible Two Bit Circus, an indoor amusement park located at 634 Mateo St, LA CA 90021. Admission is FREE but RSVP is required.

"Instead of looking at 420 like Saint Patrick's Day, I'm looking at it like Christmas, and there was no Santa. It's insane to call myself Santa," Rama chuckles to me, before adding: "but what I mean is that we're just providing a free, awesome thing."

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