The Best LEGO Ant-Man Set: Ranking Them All!

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Since his LEGO debut in 2015, Ant-Man has been featured in some classic LEGO Marvel sets spanning across several subthemes. From Giant Man to micro figs, the character has pushed the bounds of creativity in the LEGO space, so let’s look back at each set and see which is the best LEGO Ant-Man Set! 

8. Ant-Man Construction Figure - 76256

Ant Man Construction Figure 76256 1

Coming in at lsat on the list is the yet-to-be-released Ant-Man construction figure. It’s not fair to rank a set that hasn’t been built yet, but judging by the LEGO community’s reaction to its recent reveal, I don’t think this one will move too high up the list. Quantumania gave us Kang, Cassie Lang as Stinger, Modok, and new suits for Ant-Man and Wasp, yet this set does not include a single minifigure. Definitely a disappointing set given the potential the movie had to offer.

7. Giant Man Hank Pym Polybag Promo - 30610

Giant Man Hank Pym Polybag Promo 30610

Released in 2017 as a promo for the LEGO Avengers video game, this somewhat random minifigure is an often overlooked entry to the LEGO Ant-Man collection. Based off of Hank Pym’s comic book look (also known as “Goliath,) this minifig came with a cheat code that unlocked the character in the video game. 

6. War Machine Buster - 76124

War Machine Buster 76124

The Avengers: Endgame LEGO wave was one of the most disappointing movie waves ever released. No, seriously, the sets were awful - but with good reason. In order to avoid spoilers for the most hyped Marvel movie ever, LEGO’s hands were tied as to what they could make sets based on. To avoid spoilers, LEGO created sets that had nothing to do with the movie, and the War Machine Buster is perhaps the most memorable of them all. Giving Rhodey his own Buster armor was a pretty creative idea, and since the set included Ant-Man in this quantum suit earns it a spot on this ranked list. 

5. San Diego Comic Con Ant-Man and the Wasp Exclusive Set - 75997

San Diego Comic Con Ant Man Wasp Exclusive 75997

This SDCC exclusive set was only available at the 2018 show, and to make matters worse, only 1,500 sets were ever produced. It’s certainly the rarest Ant-Man set to date, but given that it contained not a single exclusive piece, it is relatively cheap compared to other comic con exclusives. It sells for around $300 these days, which isn’t cheap, but compared to the aftermarket prices on some of the LEGO SDCC minifigs that have been released over the years, it’s a bargain! 

4. Avengers Endgame Final Battle - 76192

Avengers Endgame Final Battle 76192 1

In 2021, LEGO introduced a Marvel sub-theme called The Infinity Saga, where they began to revisit previous MCU films and make sets that hadn’t been made before (or improve on older designs.) One of the more celebrated sets was the Endgame Final Battle, which included Ant-Man’s quantum tunnel van, the Avengers compound, Thanos (with a turnable head!) and a grand total of eight minifigures, if you include the Ant-Man microfig as a minifigure. It was a neat set depicting an iconic Marvel sequence, but a tad on the pricey side at the time of its release. 

3. Quantum Realm Explorers - 76109

Quantum Realm Explorers  76109

Released in 2018, this set was a pretty perfect tie-in to Ant-Man and the Wasp that had released that summer. At $19.99, getting three brand new minifigures from the movie was a great bargain and still one of the better “solo movie” MCU sets in my opinion.

2. Captain America: Civil War Super Hero Airport Battle - 76051

Captain America Civil War Super Hero Airport Battle 76051

This set remains among the best LEGO Marvel sets to date considering the build quality and minifigure selection, however, at the time of its release it was a major spoiler. You see, prior to the film, Marvel tried to keep the Giant Man moment as a major reveal in the movie, but the LEGO set spoiled that several weeks before the film’s release. Still, the set has aged exceptionally well and the ingenious build of Giant Man as a brick-built giant minifigure is absolutely genius. 

1. Ant-Man Final Battle - 76039

Ant Man Final Battle 76039 1

Sometimes the first entry in a series is the best, and that’s certainly the case for Ant-Man LEGO sets. For only $20, you got the first-ever Ant-Man minifigure, an alternate suit for Hank Pym, and a phenomenal Yellowjacket - all three of which had unique helmets with translucent eyes. The set also played around with the shrinking effect that Ant-Man exudes, giving us brick-built LEGO bricks, tiny screws, and a giant ant for Ant-Man to ride into battle. This is by far the most creative LEGO Ant-Man set to date, and it’s hard to imagine another Ant-Man set being more fun than this, especially at such a low price point.

Let us know what YOU think is the best LEGO Ant-Man set, and happy building out there! 

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