Holiday LEGO Sets: The Best for 2022

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What are the best holiday LEGO sets to look out for this year?

With the most joyous time of the year upon us, it’s no surprise that LEGO continues to dominate the toy space with more great holiday themed sets!

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The time has arrived for making a cup of hot cocoa and hanging out with family and friends, but why not bring some LEGO fun to the party? Here’s every LEGO Holiday 2022 product on the shelves for you to build this season: 

1. Holiday Main Street

Holiday Main Street

Every year, LEGO offers a Holiday-themed set targeted at advanced builders under the “Winter Village” banner. This year’s build is the instant classic Holiday Main Street - complete with six minifigures, a music store, a toy shop, a Main Street centerpiece and a trolley that can be motorized and run on train tracks (sold separately.) 

2. Santa’s Sleigh

LEGO Santas Sleigh

At $39.99, this may be my personal favorite Christmas LEGO set of all time. Totaling at 343 pieces, this set gives you four large reindeer, a sturdy sleigh build, and the Kris Kringle himself to steer the sleigh. A perfect set at the perfect price point makes this one an easy purchase! 

3. Wintertime Polar Bears

LEGO Wintertime  Polar Bears

The perfect stocking stuffer, this $12.99 set offers two adorable polar bears hanging out at the North Pole with a small Christmas tree, a sled, and even a red scarf that might make you thirsty for some Coca-Cola… 

4. Santa’s Visit

LEGO Santas Visit

Another installment in the aforementioned Winter Village line, this set offers a ton of play value and display value. It’s priced exceptionally well at $99.99 for nearly 1450 pieces, which makes this a great gift for any builder with a little experience under their Santa belt. 

5. Christmas Tree

LEGO Christmas Tree

Whether you’re building a minifigure-sclae Rockefeller Center or you want something small to spruce up your home, the 784-piece Christmas Tree is a great way to get festive without dedicating a ton of space to your display.

6. Christmas Wreath 2-in-1

LEGO Christmas Wreath

Perfect for hanging on your door or laying on your table as an Advent wreath, this leafy built offers quite a bit for it’s $39.99 price tag. Admittedly, this is not my favorite holiday set, but I do love the fact that it can be hung - a rare feat for a LEGO set! 

7. Penguin and Snowflake Ornaments

LEGO Penguin Snowflake Ornaments

Many years back, LEGO started offering brick-built ornaments, and it’s hard to imagine a better holiday pairing. Who wouldn’t want to build their own ornaments?! 

Let us know which of these set(s) you’ll be building this Christmas, and always, feel free to hit me up on IG for recommendations or suggestions! 

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