Jeremy Peña Cards: The Top 10 to Store in the eBay Vault

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Before I dive into Jeremy Peña trading cards, another Fall Classic is in the books! The Houston Astros hoisted the Commissioner's Trophy for the first time since 2017, defeating the Philadelphia Phillies after six games. In a World Series that featured single-game home run records and a combined no-hitter, we saw one player in particular rise to the occasion.

Jeremy Peña became the third rookie in MLB history to win World Series MVP. The 25-year-old shortstop had a hit in all six games of this year's World Series, finishing at a .400 batting average (10-25). This included a two-single performance in Game 6 and a pivotal go-ahead solo homer in Game 5. Peña was electric in October, and has quickly emerged as one of the best infielders in baseball.

This means that now is a great opportunity to pick up some Jeremy Peña trading cards to add to your collection, and eBay—the original marketplace for collectibles—has the most unique, rare and hard-to-find inventory out there. With more than two decades of expertise, it’s no doubt that eBay has the cred to deliver a full suite of physical and digital capabilities at scale. From Authenticity Guarantee to Price Guide, Collection, the eBay vault and more, eBay is the ultimate destination for trading card collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The eBay vault—a 24/7 secure facility and digital marketplace for trading card collectors with no sales tax, storage or selling fees—has quickly become the premier service in card security. Card collectors, investors and hobbyists are using the eBay vault to securely buy, sell, and store trading cards more seamlessly than ever before. The eBay vault enters the market as enthusiasts are increasingly investing differently and looking at collectible items—like Jeremy Peña cards—as alternative assets. Single, graded trading cards and graded, autograph, relic, and patch cards purchased for $250+ on eBay in the US are now eligible for the eBay vault. 

Here, we’re highlighting some of Peña’s best slabs, including his top Bowman Prospect cards. We aimed to find a wide variety of cards to fit different price points. Let’s dive right in and showcase some potential additions for your collection in the eBay vault!

1. 2020 Bowman Chrome Jeremy Peña 1st Prospect Auto Orange Shimmer /25 PSA 10

Jeremy Pena Bowman Chrome Orange Shimmer

Right here, we have one of the most visually appealing Peña cards you’ll ever see. The orange shimmer parallel matches the Astros’ color palette beautifully. In a prospect year where Jasson Dominguez and Bobby Witt Jr. dominated the market, players like Peña seemed to fly under the radar. After his playoff campaign, no one is denying his presence in baseball now.

The card also happens to be one of his most valuable. Following H-town’s victory, this card was recent sold via an eBay auction for $10,100. The only cards to exceed that mark are his red sapphire autos, which are numbered to five. One of Peña’s best cards, a 2020 Bowman Chrome Superfractor, is currently listed on eBay and would be a spectacular addition to an Astros fan with their collection in the eBay vault.

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2. 2020 Bowman Sterling Jeremy Peña Prospect Auto Blue /25

Jeremy Pena Bowman Sterling Blue Auto

While most of the young star’s best cards come from 2020 Bowman Chrome, he has some gems in other notable sets as well. Bowman Sterling, which features a sleek design and many big-name autographs, is a great alternative to a prospect’s first Bowman. 

This particular Bowman Sterling slab is a blue parallel auto numbered to 25. It last sold for $500, so be on the lookout for Peña’s Sterling autos as another great option for your eBay vaulted card collection.

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3. 2020 Bowman Chrome Jeremy Peña 1st Prospect Gold /50 Auto

Jeremy Pena Bowman Chrome Gold Auto

In The Hobby, gold is king. Whether it’s Gold Prizms, Gold Foils or Gold Autos, you can’t go wrong with having it on a card. This Gold Prospect Auto of the Houston shortstop is no exception.

Bowman and Topps typically number their gold parallels to 50, whereas most Panini gold parallels are numbered to ten. Regardless, this PSA 10 1st Bowman is a stunner, and it would bring unparalleled flair to an eBay vaulted baseball card collection.

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4. 2020 Bowman Chrome Jeremy Peña 1st Prospect Refractor /499 PSA 10

Jeremy Pena Bowman Chrome Refractor

The first non-autograph feature on this list is a shiny Jeremy Peña 1st Bowman refractor. Numbered to 499 copies, this PSA 10 trades around $300-350. It is also one of the rarer slabs on the list as there are currently only 18 PSA 10s. If you want a card that will pop in your eBay vaulted baseball card collection, this one's for you.

In the flagship Bowman and Bowman Chrome sets, the 1st prospect refractor is serial numbered. However, it loses that distinction in Bowman Draft, which releases near the end of the year.

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5. 2020 Bowman Chrome Jeremy Peña 1st Prospect Auto PSA 10

Jeremy Pena Bowman Chrome Auto

A base chrome prospect autograph remains a viable option. They are very liquid and often used as an indicator of a player’s market. 

Following the Fall Classic dub, Peña’s PSA 10 base auto is selling consistently in the $450-500 range. Those prices are nearly double what they were two months ago, but they are almost equivalent to his market following his call-up in April.

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6. 2022 Topps Update Jeremy Peña Rookie “Independence Day” /76 (Graded)

Jeremy Pena Topps Update Independence Day

The 2022 Topps Update is a brand-new release and we recommend you acquire a raw copy of any Jeremy Peña parallel or variation with the hopes to grade them.

For example, this Independence Day parallel is a favorite of avid Topps collectors. It’s numbered to 76 copies, and we estimate that it will trade for $800-$1,000 as a PSA 10 and $300-400 as a PSA 9. Either will be a solid addition to any Astros fan’s baseball card collection inside the eBay vault.

Shop 2022 Jeremy Peña Topps Update Independence Day

7. 2020 Bowman Chrome Sapphire Jeremy Peña 1st Prospect Auto

Jeremy Pena Bowman Chrome Sapphire Auto

Bowman Chrome Sapphire typically sells directly from the Topps website, and they don’t sit on the shelves long. Consequently, tracking down a Sapphire autograph with a good grade can be a tall task. 

Peña’s Sapphire Edition autograph currently stands as a POP 35 for PSA 10s. They can be picked up for $900-$1,100. With a limited print run and impeccable coloration, this slab is perfect for vaulting with eBay.

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8. 2022 Panini Prizm Jeremy Peña Rookie Gold /10 (Graded)

Jeremy Pena Prizm Gold

While Panini’s baseball products lack official licensing, they are still heralded by many collectors. As always, a Gold Prizm is a strong installment to any collection, so picking a raw copy up and sending it off for grading is a strong play in our eyes. 

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9. 2022 Topps Update Jeremy Peña Rookie Black /71 (Graded)

Jeremy Pena Topps Update Black

Much like the aforementioned Independence Day parallel, the black parallel is highly sought-after in Topps flagship products. With the dark border, this one will be tough to grade. However, that will make PSA 10s even rarer and make them incredibly eBay vault-worthy.

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10. 2020 Bowman Chrome Jeremy Peña 1st Prospect Speckle Auto /299

Jeremy Pena Bowman Chrome Speckle Auto

Finally, we have another Peña Bowman prospect auto. The Speckle refractor is limited to just 299 copies, and this PSA 9 won’t break the bank either. A recent copy sold for $270, so this one checks all the boxes for us. It’s rare, autographed and relatively inexpensive, so this is one you will want to have secured and vaulted with eBay.

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