The Most Expensive Joe Montana Cards of All-Time

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So, you're wondering what the most expensive Joe Montana cards of all-time are? Let's get in to it!

Joe Montana is one of few NFL players to leave a truly indelible mark on the game’s history. A four-time Super Bowl Champion, “Joe Cool” was instrumental in some of the most treasured moments in all of American sports. He was the generational quarterback of the 1980s, and he has garnered immense fandom from 49ers and Chiefs fans alike.

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No matter who you asked, Montana would likely find a spot on the quarterback Mount Rushmore. His poise and success in big moments keep him in every GOAT conversation; in turn, he is one of the most collected names in all of sports. Additionally, Montana’s rookie year predates the Junk Wax Era, so many of his early cards have retained great value. 

Today, we will take a look at some of those rookies and other jaw-dropping pieces. To keep the list fresh, we are only allowing each individual card to appear once. Let’s dive right in and highlight the most expensive Joe Montana cards!

10. Joe Montana 2019 Panini Absolute Kaboom! Gold /10 PSA 10 – $12,000

Joe Montana 2019 Absolute Gold Kaboom

The Kaboom case hit has quickly become one of the most desired ultra-modern trading cards. While it’s more popularly associated with today’s rookies and stars, the set also showcases all-time greats as well. This Montana Kaboom is limited to just 10 copies, and it also achieved a perfect PSA 10 grade.

9. Joe Montana / Tom Brady 2004 SP Game Used Authentic Patches Autograph /5 BGS 9.5 – $12,600


Here is a Brady/Montana dual auto featuring a stunning four-color jersey patch from TB12’s Pats uniform. Today, game-worn memorabilia is hard to come by, so seeing patches like these are refreshing and highly desirable for collectors. Also, this is the newest addition to the list, as it just recently sold for over $12,000 in May 2023.

8. Joe Montana / Tom Brady / Terry Bradshaw 2009 Topps Triple Threads Patch Autograph Sepia /12 BGS 9.5 – $13,530

2009 Topps Triple Threads Autographed Relic Combos Tom Brady Joe Montana Terry Bradshaw

Topps Triple Threads football was one of the preeminent products of the late 2000s, bringing big-name signatures at an affordable price point. Even recently, these boxes were up for grabs in the $150 range. We imagine the person who pulled this was pretty happy with their result. With three bolded autographs and three game-worn relics, it’s no surprise why this went for over $13,000 during a Goldin auction in August 2021.

7. Joe Montana / Tom Brady / Terry Bradshaw 2016 Panini Impeccable Triple Auto /2 BGS 9.5 – $15,100

2016 Panini Impeccable Tom Brady Joe Montana Terry Bradshaw AUTO

Three generational gunslingers. Three distinct eras of football. 15 combined rings. One card. Newer high-end products like Panini Impeccable do a great job of blending the past with the present, and this triple autograph is a prime example. Serial numbered to just two copies, this marvel notched a BGS 9.5 grade on the way to a $15,000 sale in 2021.

6. Joe Montana / Tom Brady 2007 Topps Co-Signers Dual Autograph Gold /25 BGS 9.5 – $15,600


Our next Brady/Montana dual comes from the 2007 Topps Co-Signers set, which paired comparable players on the same card. In a set where you could find Manning/Harrison duals and Bart Starr/Brett Favre duals, this card stands above all else. It features a unique design and concept; maybe Topps should bring back a product that specializes in dual autographs. We will have to wait and see.

5. Joe Montana 1981 Topps Rookie Autograph PSA 9/AUTO 10 – $17,400


Pack-issued autographs were not yet in circulation during Joe’s early years. So, seeing his Topps rookie with a sweet signature is super neat. When paired with a mint PSA 9/AUTO 10 grade, you have a grail card for any Montana collector. This is something we see often in the hobby, especially with a wildly popular vintage rookie.

4. Joe Montana / Tom Brady 2004 SP Game Used “Extra Significance” Dual Autograph /25 PSA 10 – $30,600

Joe Montana Tom Brady 2004 SP Game Used Extra Significance Dual Auto

You cannot beat two bold signatures of GOATs in a PSA 10 holder. This card oozes greatness and a “passing of the torch” sentiment. Growing up in California, Tom Brady famously idolized Montana as a kid. To see him side-by-side on this card speaks volumes about the greatness these two achieved. It last sold for over $30,000 in 2022.

3. Joe Montana / Tom Brady 2005 Topps “Then and Now” Dual Autograph 1/1 – $31,799

2005 Topps Then And Now Joe Montana Tom Brady Dual AUTO

This neat insert autograph from Topps contrasts two generational talents while also adding two signatures into the mix. The card came sealed and uncirculated from Topps, and it’s also a hand-numbered 1/1. While Brady and Montana certainly have several dual autographs with each other, you likely won’t beat the aesthetic appeal with this one. It last sold for nearly $32,000 in a May 2022 eBay auction.

2. Joe Montana / Tom Brady 2004 Skybox LE “Legends of the Draft” Dual NFL Shield Patch 1/1 BGS Authentic – $68,880

2004 Skybox LE Legends of the Draft Tom Brady Joe Montana 22NFL Shield22

The NFL Shield patch is undoubtedly the most coveted memorabilia piece in football cards. Collectors rip new products each year in search of NFL Shield patch autographs. It just so happens that this card has a shield patch of the two best quarterbacks to ever play the game. Interestingly enough, this comes from the “Legends of the Draft” insert set. Neither Montana nor Brady were draft day heroes, as they were taken in the third and sixth round, respectively. However, that didn’t deter the pair from becoming undeniably seminal sports figures.

1. Joe Montana 1981 Topps Rookie PSA 10 – $114,000

1981 Topps Football Joe Montana

Finally we come to the most expensive Joe Montana card ever sold, and it's one of the most iconic football cards of all time.

Montana was drafted by the Niners in 1979, but his first trading card appearance didn’t come until this 1981 Topps rookie. The neon green outline and sleek design give this card some allure over 40-years after its initial release. It encapsulates a young gunslinging QB on the brink of championship contention.

Since this card trades on a semi-regular basis, several six-figure price tags have popped up. The biggest sale comes from an April 2022 PWCC auction, where the classic ‘81 Topps reached an all-time high of $114,000

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