How Arpit “Paradox” Manaktala is Taking Over PC Building

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What is the meaning of the word Paradox? According to the Oxford Dictionary, a paradox is a “situation, person, or thing that combines contradictory features or qualities.” A paradox can also refer to an alternate dimension, and in the world of “alternate” realities, when a paradox occurs, there has to be a law behind it. If there is no law behind it, the whole universe could, in turn, crash, therefore ending reality. 

Those characteristics of a paradox are the same ones that have allowed PC Builder Arpit “Paradox” Manaktala to become successful. The rising star from New York is laid back, but a beast in PC building. He’s also spent his life defying the odds, quitting his job as a technical consultant (a job with a great salary) to start Paradox Customs. While the decision was a bold move, it has definitely worked in his favor.

With Bronny James officially joining the esports community by becoming a member of Faze Clan, Paradox had the career opportunity of a lifetime building “FaZe Bronny” his own custom PC. With a high IQ and a pulse on all things gaming, Paradox proves us right in becoming one of the next big personalities in the gaming scene with value and substance to match. Paradox’s journey to success proves that there isn’t necessarily one path in the gaming world. Sometimes it just takes that leap of faith.

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A Paradox exclusive PC / Paradox

“I’m gonna keep it real. I did have a head start with CWL Open Events experience. Through playing, I was able to build a good reputation, and I developed a lot of connections in the community. I was also able to get a following that way. However, I did have other jobs, and they were stable in the sense that I knew I would always have an income. So to leave that was a step of faith for sure. I didn’t know how it would turn out, and I didn’t expect for things to happen so soon. It’s a perfect time, actually!”

Things certainly did happen for the 24-year-old relatively fast, especially considering that he didn’t build his first PC until he was 21.

“Yeah, I actually didn’t build my first PC until three years ago, so I was 21. I built my first PC for my cousin. He was trying to save some money, so I went to all these different stores and started buying all the parts I needed. It was an adventure—I had to return parts and find new ones, but I did it! I ended up saving him a lot of money, and I went back and told some of my CWL teammates that I could build their PC’s for them, and save them a ton!”

Fast forward three years later, and now Paradox is on his way to being a power player in the industry. His recent work for Bronny James this past week has turned his world upside down.

“Building the PC for Bronny was extremely intense. His birthday was October 6th, and I was running behind on the build. My plan was to get the PC to him last week, but I ran into some technical issues with parts not being in, and other problems. Fast forward to this past weekend; I was really pressed for time because I still didn’t have it done. I ended up building it Monday morning! So I built it and ran all the tests before the 6 pm UPS deadline. I got it done, shipped it out with One Day Air, and the PC was at Faze Tuesday morning. Zeno (the head of athlete relations for FazeFacetimed me while they were setting it up. It was really cool!”

In the 48 hours since Paradox has experienced a whirlwind of DM’s and messages. Some of those messages are job inquiries, and with demand for his skills increasing, the guy who wanted absolutely nothing to do with business is now suddenly a businessman. Through it all though, Paradox stays true to himself, believing that is the ice breaker to everything.

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Paradox / Paradox

“I’m just myself in everything that I do. Sometimes before important business calls and things like that, I will be nervous, but then I’ll be like ‘Yooooo Wassup!’ That always ends up breaking the ice, and you can see the energy shift. People relax, their shoulders drop, and the vibe changes. Even when I’m filming my videos, I’m very interactive and personal. I don’t have this expensive camera—I use my iPhone. My setup isn’t anything too fancy—I like for everything to feel natural. I never want for anything to feel forced. Anytime anything has felt forced, I’ve walked away from it.

As far as the business side of things goes, right now, I’ve only hired people close to me, people, that I trust dearly. At the same time, though, I understand that I am building a business and trying to grow an infrastructure. There’s already been a huge demand in business, and we will be going full force. For me, trust is a big factor, and the people I hire have got to have the same passion as me. In all honesty, I’m still not that comfortable with being a 'businessman.' My brother used to do my taxes in the past. I just wanted nothing to do with it. It’s been fun learning, though!”

With big gaming launches in the near future and things slowly returning to normal in the gaming community, Paradox’s plate is full as there has been an increase in the demand for PCs. Time has slowly proven that PCs are better than consoles performance-wise for competitive gaming, which is why we see the shift. With more successes along the way, humility remains the most important thing for the rising star.

“This business has a lot of ups and downs. It’s been stressful times, and a lot of tears shed. I’ve lost gigs, there have been things that I have regretted, but through it all, I love what I do. I’m looking forward to growing the business, and giving more people opportunities in gaming.”

The great Jay-Z once said, “I’m not a businessman; I’m a business man.” One thing’s for sure; Paradox is definitely about his business. For future PC and gaming needs, be sure to follow Paradox on Instagram and Twitter

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