EA Sports Big: The 14 Best Games

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Remember that glorious time when Electronic Arts took a big risk with its sports games? That wonderful period gave gamers more extreme takes on traditional sports and embraced outlandish concepts that supplied more excitement for those same activities. The indelible experiences that came from that special lineup fall under the EA Sports Big label, which first came into existence in the year 2000. Even though that brand has now been long deceased, fans still reminisce over the boisterous sports titles that were attached to it. If you still remember the classic EA Sports Big intro that played out before those same titles, then you're definitely going to appreciate this list of the 14 best EA Sports Big games.

Best EA Big Games

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Electronic Arts

1. 'SSX'

Buy Now, $41.14

2. 'SSX Tricky'

Buy Now, $44.90

3. 'SSX 3'

Buy Now, $91.09

4. 'SSX on Tour'

Buy Now, $39.69

5. 'Sled Storm'

Buy Now, $19.58

6. 'Shox: Rally Reinvented'

Buy Now, $29

7. 'Freekstyle'

Buy Now, $29.77

8. 'NBA Street'

Buy Now, $29.89

9. 'NBA Street Vol. 2'

Buy Now, $59.90

10. 'NBA Street V3'

Buy Now, $43

11. 'NBA Street Showdown'

12. 'NBA Street Homecourt'

13. 'NFL Street'

Buy Now, $37.93

14. 'Def Jam Vendetta'

Buy Now, $64.69

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