The 10 Best 'Final Fantasy' Spinoffs You Must Play

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The Final Fantasy series is known for its memorable narratives, beloved characters, and sweeping scores. The core numbered games are some of the best role-playing titles the genre has to offer, and fans are in love with them for even more reasons beyond that. But you may be surprised to learn that there have been several additions to the series that veer off of the main course and explore additional sides to the series.

These 10 Final Fantasy spinoffs explore sides of characters we didn't get to see in the main game, introduce us to brand new ways to play, and even let us pit characters against each other. In the spirit of the recently released Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, we've rounded up ten of the best you can find.

If you're hankering for more Final Fantasy, you've got to try each of these titles. You never know when you'll find a brand new favorite.

1. 'Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII'

2. 'Dissidia Final Fantasy'

3. 'Final Fantasy Explorers'

4. 'Final Fantasy Tactics'

5. 'Final Fantasy Tactics Advance'

6. 'Final Fantasy Type-0'

7. 'Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles'

8. 'Final Fantasy: Record Keeper'

9. 'Theatrhythm Final Fantasy'

10. 'World of Final Fantasy'

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