All 16 of the Best 'Final Fantasy' Games, Ranked

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best final fantasy game
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The fantasy genre has always commanded a large following. One can draw a line from the old tabletop games to modern fantasy role-playing games. Despite the number of games within the genre, few have managed to achieve the kind of popularity wielded by the Final Fantasy series of games. One of the oldest video game series, Final Fantasy has no signs of slowing down. With each game telling a completely new story, the series is a testament to the depths of storytelling and imagination. Not all Final Fantasy games, however, were made equal. The following are the top Final Fantasy games.

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16. 'Final Fantasy IX'

Buy Now, $59.97

15. 'Final Fantasy IV'

Buy Now, $65

14. 'Final Fantasy VI'

Download Now, $17.99

13. 'Final Fantasy XI'

Download Now, $29.99

12. 'Final Fantasy III'

Download Now, $29.99

11. 'Final Fantasy II'

Download Now, $11.99

10. 'Final Fantasy'

Download Now, $11.99

9. 'Final Fantasy V'

Download Now, $17.99

8. 'Final Fantasy XII'

Buy Now, $16.99

7. 'Final Fantasy XIV'

Download Now, $19.99

6. 'Final Fantasy XIII'

Download Now, $15.99

5. 'Final Fantasy XV'

Buy for $34.99

4. 'Final Fantasy XVI'

Buy Now, $69.99

3. 'Final Fantasy X'

Buy Now, $32.49

2. 'Final Fantasy VIII'

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1. 'Final Fantasy VII'

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