The 18 Best Mobile Fighting Games

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Now that mobile games have evolved when it comes to a more comfortable control scheme, several genres have managed to thrive on all mobile phones and tablets.

No one ever thought traditional fighting games would find their way onto the iOS- and Android-powered devices, but that dream scenario has thankfully morphed into a reality. There’s an overwhelmingly huge variety of mobile games that let you engage in one-on-one and even team-based clashes with original characters & licensed icons. It can become quite a chore to dig through all the crap when you’re looking to download a well-made mobile fighter. We’re here to do all the heavy lifting for you and recommend 18 high-quality mobile fighting games that will make your daily mass transit commutes way less of a bore.

Hope your thumbs are ready for intense mobile combat!

1. ‘Marvel Contest of Champions’

Marvel Comics is home to some of the most revered superheroes and supervillains in the comic book medium. They all come together to engage in heated battles in this awesome mobile fighter, Marvel Contest of Champions. Damn near everyone is here to test their mettle - iconic characters like Spider-Man and Captain America are joined by lesser-known personalities such as Tigra and Silver Centurion. For the ultimate Marvel fanatic that wants to assemble a collection of their favorites and engage in epic clashes, then this top pick is worth a download.

2. ‘Mortal Kombat’

What was once a mobile Mortal Kombat mobile spinoff that focused on Mortal Kombat X is now a greatly expanded fighter that features elements of Mortal Kombat 11. This team-based brawler lets you unlock a wide variety of recognizable MK characters that fall under different combat styles. The fun comes from mixing and matching your unlocked “kombatants” in order to find the strongest combinations of teams that will lead you to victory. The blood and gore MK is known for remains intact in this mobile rendition, so longtime fans should have a lot of love here.

3. ‘Shadow Fight 3’

Ninjas, knights, and samurais clash in this mystical mobile fighter. The Shadow Fight series has been a standout for the genre across iOS and Android devices since its inception. And Shadow Fight 3 stands out as the very best entry in the series to date. You’ll get a kick out of customizing your very own warrior’s moveset and attire over time as you wipe out the competition. The weapons-based combat is designed to feel as intuitive, smooth, and enjoyable as possible. The slower pace lends itself so well to Shadow Fight 3’s Shadow Power-filled duels.

4. ‘Real Boxing 2’

The go-to mobile boxer that everyone plays feverishly till this very day has to be Real Boxing 2. The action doesn’t unfold in some simple manner as you’d expect from a mobile boxing game - it relies on well-tuned mechanics that produce exciting fights at all times. This one isn’t a button masher by any means - you’ll need to stay on your toes as you gauge your opponent’s movements and strikes in order to emerge on top. Real Boxing 2 has so much going for it gameplay-wise and also features a bevy of pugilists inspired by real-world boxers for you to enjoy.

5. ‘Super Brawl Universe’

So who would win in a fight - Korra or Danny Phantom? SpongeBob Squarepants or Rocko? Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Aang? Those dream battles between Nickelodeon’s animated icons can be acted out in the surprisingly great Super Brawl Universe. This cartoony brawler features a who’s who of the orange cable network’s brand of iconic characters. The 3v3 team battles you’ll find yourself embroiled in are equal parts serious (thanks to the hotly contested battles) and hilarious (due to the sight of beloved cartoon characters beating each other up).

6. ‘Injustice 2’

If you’re more of a DC fan, then the mobile rendition of Injustice 2 should keep you entertained for hours. Just like the console smash hit, you can command the outstanding abilities of DC’s greatest superheroes and supervillains. And you’ll get to utilize them during epic 3v3 battles that pit the likes of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and so much more against each other. Injustice 2 also gives you plenty of character customization options, a cinematic story mode, and team synergy mechanics that lets you group your favorite heroes to create legit DC superteams.

7. ‘Real Steel World Robot Boxing’

While the film this game is based on didn’t leave much of an impact in the world of cinema, Real Steel World Robot Boxing certainly left an indelible mark on the world of mobile gaming. Familiar boxing bots such as Atom, Zeus, Noisy Boy, and so much more step up to the ring to decide who’s the best mechanical boxer on the mobile scene. Metal hands and feet come into play as you dish out big damage to your towering rivals - you’ll need to keep track of your foes’ game plan and adjust accordingly when it’s time to strike. Real Steel World Robot Boxing hits hard and fast!

8. ‘Brawlhalla’

Brawlhalla is one of the better takes on the platformer fighting game formula established by Super Smash Bros. The 2D animations in this fighter look crisp and the wild gameplay that ensues elicits plenty of positive feedback. This mobile edition of the popular beat ‘em up has everything you loved about the console rendition - up to eight-player multiplayer matches, a wealth of game modes, an intuitive training mode, a massive roster, etc.

9. ‘Skullgirls: Fighting RPG’

One of the best indie fighting games is undoubtedly Skullgirls, which was originally developed by Lab Zero Games and is currently updated by Future Club. This mobile take on the team fighter adds in custom controls that let you pull off special moves in a much simpler manner that makes the mobile experience that much more comfortable. The animated visuals still shine, so there’s no need to worry about playing a gimped mobile product. Skullgirls on mobile devices hits on all cylinders when it comes to a quality mobile fighting game experience.

10. ‘WWE Mayhem’

There’s a whole bunch of games themed after the largest wrestling organization in the world, World Wrestling Entertainment. The best one that perfectly encapsulates the in-ring epics that WWE Superstars get embroiled in is WWE Mayhem. A huge gathering of current-day wrestlers and Hall of Fame legends are available to you here as you punch, kick, and slam everyone in your path. The signature moves from your favorite Superstars look even more outlandish and devastating here, which we’re sure everyone who plays WWE Mayhem will enjoy.

11. ‘Dragon Ball Legends’

Never mind the obvious copycat games that feature characters that bear a striking resemblance to Super Saiyans - this officially licensed Dragon Ball Z fighting game is the only one you need. Dragon Ball Legends features surprisingly strong visuals that help its midair battles look and feel as close to the anime as possible. All your favorite heroes and villains are in attendance here as you place them in various teams for the hard road ahead. Shooting off ki blasts, smashing your opponent with a devastating strike, and landing the team-based Rising Rush attack all combine to make this superpowered fighter a blast to play.

12. ‘Power Rangers: Legacy Wars’

“GO GO, POWER RANGERS!” If you’re old enough to remember just how influential the multicolored saviors were back in the day, then you’re going to love this fighter that features every era of the long-running franchise. You’ll get to collect numerous Power Rangers and series baddies from across the show’s many seasons and use their unique abilities to fend off rival teams. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars’ real-time battles are fast and furious, so you’ll need to have fast twitchy fingers in order to keep up. You’ll have a hell of a time mashing up recognizable Power Rangers with Street Fighter characters in this awesome mobile fighter.

13. ‘Transformers: Forged to Fight’

The 80s icons recognized around the world as the “robots in disguise” even have their own mobile fighting game! And that game is Transformers: Forged to Fight. The retro Autobots and Decepticons are present and accounted for here to engage in some heavy metal clashes. This fighter includes elements of a console arena fighter, so you’ll have to maneuver around your opponent and properly space yourself in order to get the upper hand. Transformers: Forged to Fight is a super enjoyable mech-filled brawler that should appeal to 80s, 90s, and 00s babies alike.

14. ‘Street Fighter IV CE’

Capcom’s most revered fighting game series truly blossomed with the original release of Street Fighter IV. A series of system updates made the game even better and expanded its roster to include several fan favorites & newbies. You can bask in all the greatness of SFIV on mobile devices and pull off all the sick combos you’ve already mastered on console. This version of the game features 32 characters, solo & multiplayer modes, and support for MFi controllers. Mobile Street Fighter works much better than you’d originally thought.

15. ‘Prizefighters 2’

If you’re dying to scratch that Punch-Out!! itch on mobile devices, then the Prizefighters games should satiate that desire. The second game in the series improves upon its predecessor by expanding and improving its signature career mode. You’ll certainly get a kick (well, a punch in this case) out of taking your custom amateur fighter through the Road to Victory. The free edition of the game is great on its own, but the Premium Edition’s exclusive Boxing Gym Manager mode and extra custom boxer slots make it worth the plunge.

16. ‘EA Sports UFC’

There’s a flood of horribly made MMA games across the App Store and Google Play. But the one that you’ll feel safe downloading to your mobile device is this one. EA Sports UFC replicates the console experience and lets you act it all out during your daily morning mass transit commute. With over 70 fighters across four divisions, you’ll have plenty of recognizable pros to land sick KOs and submissions with. The game’s use of Live Events lets you participate in real-world UFC events and earn a bevy of cool rewards worth fighting for.

17. ‘Final Fighter’

This futuristic fighter doesn’t even look like it should run on mobile devices! Its impressive graphical output will wow you at first sight. And luckily, the one-on-one duels offer a gratifying gameplay experience that matches the game’s incredible visuals. 3v3 battles are also on deck here, so you can mix and match Final Fighter’s super likable roster during those fierce clashes. Mashing out combos and pulling off traditional fighting game maneuvers can be done in equal succession thanks to the game’s easily understandable control scheme.

18. ‘Shadow Fight Arena: Online PvP’

Shadow Fight Arena: Online PvP is a dope spinoff from the mainline Shadow Fight series that makes for a great multiplayer pastime. 3v3 battles are the main focus here and let you master the flashy abilities attached to a collection of weapons- and melee-based warriors. Proper spacing, footsies, and choosing the right time to unleash your character’s super-powered specials are the game’s integral keys to success. Shadow Fight Arena encapsulates the very best elements of traditional console and mobile fighting games all in one satisfying package.

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