The 18 Best Mobile Racing Games

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The mobile gaming space is a wonderful place.

There are a ton of games available across numerous genres that come free of charge as a download and usually offer hours upon hours of entertainment. Sure, the urge to drop a few digital bucks to gain some rare and extra beneficial content kicks in every now & then. But those freemium mobile games usually allow you to enjoy yourself without having to empty out your checking account. And when it comes to racing games, there's a bunch of quality mobile titles worth hopping into (and some of them are shockingly home console-worthy games!).

We're here to make sure you download the very best ones and rip the road on your mobile phone/tablet of choice. Here are 18 of the finest mobile racing games of all time.

1. ‘Asphalt 9: Legends’

Asphalt 9: Legends is the perfect encapsulation of just how powerful modern-day mobile devices truly are. The fact that those miniature Apple and Android phones/tablets you haul around with you every day can output such amazing visuals from this top-tier racer is insane. The game's easy to comprehend Tap-to-Steer and Tilt-to-Street control schemes allow for ease of accessibility while you bask in all the high-speed madness going on around you and the amazing graphics on display.

2. ‘CSR Racing 2’

There's a wide swath of drag-racing games available across the main two mobile gaming storefronts. CSR Racing 2 sits at the very top of that list as it puts forth an experience that looks incredible and lets you hop into some of the finest designer vehicles of all time. If you've always wanted to break the speed limit in a McLaren F1, Aston Martin DB5, and Ferrari 250 GTO, CSR Racing 2 lets you do it in video game form.

3. ‘Real Racing 3’

Real Racing 3 is pretty self-explanatory. Once you spend some time with it, you'll quickly realize the "real" part of the game's title is emphasized in full by everything it entails. This mobile racer features real cars from real manufacturers, real race tracks, and a real simulation feel that mimics the greatness of Gran Turismo & Forza Motorsport. And as you can clearly see, its visuals are top of the line.

4. ‘Need for Speed: No Limits’

The same developers that brought Real Racing 3 to your device are the same ones that successfully ported over Electronic Arts' Need for Speed series to the mobile spectrum. And as you've already expected, Need for Speed: No Limits presents one of the most enjoyable mobile street racers of all time. You'll certainly get engrossed in this game's fast & furious driving, drifting, nitrous boosting, and more.

5. ‘GRID Autosport’

Codemasters' racing simulation tour de force is recognized worldwide as the GRID series. And somehow someway, GRID Autosport got ported over in the most impressive fashion possible to mobile devices. This AAA racer will have your jaw on the floor as you watch it in motion - its abundance of impressive vehicles and racing circuits will surely do enough to keep you busy while you bask in its graphical glory.

6. ‘F1 Mobile Racing’

What we have here is the official mobile game of the 2021 FIA Formula One World Championship. And it definitely shows - this playable representation of the beloved racing series looks incredible and perfectly embodies the F1 scene. With real-world F1 stars such as Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and Charles Leclerc in the mix, you'll get a kick out of testing your skills on the digital track against the very best in F1 Mobile Racing.

7. ‘Street Kart Racing’

If you're on the lookout for some legit kart racing that's not all about knocking your rivals off the track with turtle shells and banana peels, then Street Kart Racing should satiate you. This mobile racer is as serious as it gets as it features no driver assists, so you'll need to master its intricate controls and get acclimated to the feel of things to truly excel. This pro racing kart game is truly a gem.

8. ‘Asphalt Xtreme’

There's definitely a vast amount of quality off-road racers out there to enjoy. And one of them is most definitely Asphalt Xtreme. This pick on the list offers an arcade racer-like experience that's on par with the fan-favorite Cruis'n series. And just like that aforementioned franchise, Asphalt Xtreme is all about hitting the road with sturdy cars, taking huge leaps, and shoving the competition off the off-road track with as much force as possible.

9. ‘Rush Rally 3’

Rally racing is a different beast altogether when compared to other competitive styles of vehicle competition - it's just you and your coach in your ear telling you what moves to make to finish your time trial as quickly & efficiently as possible. Rush Rally 3 takes that entertaining concept and properly replicates it on mobile devices. The fact that this mobile rally racer can output 60 frames per second is wild!

10. ‘Rebel Racing’

Rebel Racing is pretty much a playable tour around the US. And thankfully, you'll get to do it while behind the wheel of some sweet licensed cars. Prepare yourself to get embroiled in some epic races as you hit the road, dirt, and sand in some sweet customized vehicles. Rebel Racing has plenty of Forza Horizon vibes that come across extremely well as you play it!

11. ‘Table Top Racing: World Tour’

Miniaturized racing is pretty hype! If you take a chance on Table Top Racing: World Tour, you'll quickly become a believer in that bold statement. Hopping into this mobile racer feels like your dreams of actually controlling your collection of Micro Machines actually came true. The nice variety of mini rides you can hop into here feels great as they zip around some imaginative tracks worth exploring.

12. ‘Thumb Drift’

Thumb Drift's gameplay doesn't center around lapping everyone else and making it to first place - it's all about putting your thumb to work as you pull off the sickest drifts imaginable. There's a huge collection of cars (and even a tank!) at your disposal as you engage in some fast & furious drifting and coin collecting across numerous obstacle courses.

13. ‘Horizon Chase’

Sega's Outrun series may not have gotten a brand new installment in forever, but Aquiris Game Studio has thankfully filled that void via Horizon Chase. This ode to classic 80s and 90s arcade racers lets you hit the streets in a sweet 1995 Ferrari F50 as you compete in some nail-biting races against some worthy competition.

14. ‘Riptide GP: Renegade’

The Jet Moto vibes are insanely strong here! What we have here is an arcade experience that gives total control over the fastest hydro jets you've ever come across in video game form. Riptide GP: Renegade isn't just about exciting races - it's also about massive leaps, extreme car chases, and outlandish stunts.

15. ‘Mario Kart Tour’

How crazy is it to finally see one of the most revered kart racers in video game history finally get a mobile installment? Nintendo goes global with Mario Kart Tour as it showcases a number of imaginative new stages based on real-world city locales. The best and brightest of the Mushroom Kingdom have come to compete in this mobile racer - you should expect them to throw all sorts of items in your way as you fight to make it past the finish line. You'll soon become a fan of Frenzy Mode when it's time to make a comeback from last place!

16. ‘Sonic Racing’

The two Sega-themed racers put out Sega and Sumo Digital on consoles are super slept on, which is a crime. Make sure you don't overlook this mobile rendition of that mascot-filled racer, though. Sonic Racing lifts the blueprint from Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing and makes it play just as well in mobile form. This mobile kart racer has a bunch of Sonic & his furry friends, Wisps, and recognizable tracks to compete on.

17. ‘KartRider Rush+’

The KartRider IP has amassed a ton of fanfare and millions of players in Korea. So it only made sense for Nexon to replicate the franchise's success in the States with a dedicated mobile entry. KartRider Rush+ may look cute and cuddly, but it's a pretty hectic kart racer that requires players to master their rides and weapons. There are so many goodies to compete for, so prepare for a mobile racer with near limitless replay value.

18. ‘Beach Buggy Racing 2’

Beach Buggy Racing 2 is the final kart racer selection on our list that we highly recommend. And it's a wholly original IP that uses its own characters to join in on all the whacky on-road and offroad shenanigans. The thrill-ride race tracks are plentiful here (there's even some Hot Wheels-related stuff in here!), so you'll enjoy each and every minute of your wild kart racing escapades here.

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