The 20 Best 'Mortal Kombat' Characters, Ranked

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Mortal Kombat is held in high regard as the sort of fighting game that left an indelible mark on the face of gaming as a whole.

It introduced the most over-the-top presentation in fighters thanks to a whole lot of bloodletting and gory Fatalities. So much so that the ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) had to be put into place just to govern the gaming industry and warn parents of what they were about to purchase for their little ones. Uppercutting your opponent into a pit of spikes, ripping off someone’s head with their spine still attached, and beating someone to death with their own dismembered leg are just some of the insane finishers the Mortal Kombat franchise offers to its willing participants.

There’s a ton of love and care put into the series’ backstory and the many “Kombatants” that go to war within them. Since the franchise’s inception back in 1992 right on up to the most recent installment in NetherRealm Studios’ premier fighter, Mortal Kombat has filled out its massive roster with some incredible heroes and villains. We took a look at everyone that’s been thrown into the fray throughout the series’ long history and came away with 20 of its finest warriors. These are without a doubt the best Mortal Kombat characters of all time.

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20. Jax

19. Sonya Blade

18. Frost

17. Smoke

16. Raiden

15. Shang Tsung

14. Kenshi

13. Cyrax

12. Kabal

11. Johnny Cage

10. Lui Kang

9. Kitana

8. Kung Lao

7. Noob Saibot

6. Shao Kahn

5. Goro

4. Ermac

3. Mileena

2. Sub-Zero

1. Scorpion

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