'Tekken' vs. 'Mortal Kombat': 12 Dream Matches We'd Love to See

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Don't you guys just love a super hype multimedia crossover? TV shows, comic books, anime, and video games have participated in that fun scenario to bring fanbases of two major properties together. Everyone lost their minds when Family Matters' Urkel popped up on a random episode of Full House, when the Marvel & DC Comics universes collided, and when three of the biggest anime (One Piece, Toriko, and Dragon Ball Z) came together for a singular episode. In the world of gaming, fighting games have played a huge part in crossover culture - Marvel vs. Capcom, Capcom vs. SNK, Street Fighter x Tekken, and Virtua Fighter characters popping up on the roster of Dead or Alive 5 proved to be some of the best ones in that regard. What if there was ever a moment when everyone woke up to the news of a game simply titled Tekken vs. Mortal Kombat? Minds would be blown at the sight of the "King of the Iron Fist Tournament's" strongest fighters clashing with "Earthrealm" & "Outworld's" greatest warriors! Join us as we showcase 12 dream battles we'd love to see from our Tekken vs. Mortal Kombat dream match.

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1. Marshall Law vs. Liu Kang

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Any fighting game worth its salt has a Bruce Lee archetype on its roster - Street Fighter has Fei Long, Dead or Alive has Jann Lee, and Virtua Fighter has Jacky Bryant. In the case of this Tekken vs. Mortal Kombat dream battle lineup, we're pitting both series' respective takes on the legendary Jeet Kune Do master. Marshall Law and his lethal "Somersault Flip" have been wrecking his foes since the very first Tekken, while Lui Kang has ascended to "Fire God" status since debuting in the inaugural Mortal Kombat. We don't know if Law's trusty nunchaku will help him against Liu's godly flame-based abilities, but we'd love to see him try. This battle of the fighting game Bruce Lee's would be one for the ages!

2. Kazuya Mishima vs. Scorpion

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Kazuya Mishima and Scorpion are eternally pissed off, it seems! To be quite honest, they have every right to be considering all the hell they've been through. Thanks to all the rage that has been built up inside of them, both of those characters have attained insane levels of power. We'd pay good money to see Kazuya tap into his Devil form and come to blows with one of Mortal Kombat's most iconic warriors. Just imagine the screams of excitement that would break out at the sight of Kazuya knocking Scorpion sky high with a "Demon Uppercut" and Scorpion bringing in Kazuya real close with his famous spear while loudly proclaiming "GET OVER HERE!"

3. Leroy Smith vs. Kung Lao

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The one move we always love watching Leroy Smith and Kung Lao pull off is their signature rapid punching technique that looks like it tears up their unlucky opponent's insides. What would happen if the both of them had a moment where they attempted to land that move on each other at the same time? Minds would be blown everywhere if their fists repeatedly bounced off of each other in one of the greatest fighting game standstills of all time. Leroy would have to keep that cane of his on deck to have more of a fighting chance against Kung's signature guillotine hat, that's for sure! These Wing Chun masters are perfect for a climactic clash in our dream Tekken vs. Mortal Kombat battle royal.

4. King vs. Jax

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The marquee beefy grapplers of this Tekken vs. Mortal Kombat deathmatch have to be none other than King and Jax. King's backbreaking arsenal of wrestling maneuvers is known to twist his unlucky victims into a pretzel. Jax isn't a slouch in that regard as can also slam his foes into the dirt and make the ground tremble thanks to the overwhelming might of his mechanical arms. King has taken some serious damage before, so we're confident that he manage to stay in the fight while contending with Jax's projectiles and the many grapples that are produced by his "Quad Grab." Can Jas withstand King's new "V Driver" and "Rapid King Onslaught," though? We'd be excited to see if he can!

5. Yoshimitsu vs. Kenshi

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Both of these individuals tap into the power of their respective blades - Yoshimitsu wields the cursed blade he's named after and Kenshi heads into battle with the ancestral sword called "Sento." It'd be extremely hype to watch them engage in a sword clash that would involve a whole lot of Yoshimitsu's sword trickery techniques and Kenshi's spiritual assists alongside his katana-based repertoire. Both of these mystical warriors have a bevy of abilities that would keep them in the fight for a long time, which would make this weapons-based encounter one of the more exhilarating dream battles on this list.

6. Paul Phoenix vs. Johnny Cage

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When the word cocky comes to mind, our minds immediately go to Tekken's Paul Phoenix and Mortal Kombat's Johnny Cage. Both of those eccentric personalities also happen to be two of the silliest members of their respective rosters (which is a great attribute to have, truth be told!). We're sure this dream match would take place in front of a crowd of thousands just to appease the massive egos of these martial arts superstars. We can already imagine the mind-blowing image of Paul Phoenix going for his "Burning Fist" punch while Johnny Cage closes the distance to land his "Shadow Kick!" Now here's a Tekken vs. Mortal Kombat matchup that needs its own PPV slot!

7. Nina Williams vs. Sonya Blade

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Who would prevail in a battle between a master assassin and the hard-as-nails General of Earthrealm's "Special Forces?" We honestly don't know, but we'd love to see how that wild clash would play out! Nina Williams not only has a skillset inspired by her mastery of Aikido and Koppo, but she's also pretty adept at using a pair of pistols. Sonya Blade can tap into her own Kenpo style and reliance on Tae Kwon Do & Judo moves to stay in the fight. We're sure Sonya's "Energy Bracelets" would balance out all the bullets coming her way from Nina's firearms. As far as this Tekken vs. Mortal Kombat crossover skirmish goes, these are the two ladies from both respective series we'd love to see come to blows the most.

8. Heihachi Mishima vs. Shang Tsung

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This is a battle of the old masters (Shang Tsung's good at hiding those grey hairs, unlike Heihachi Mishima). The former head of the "Mishima Zaibatsu" seemingly has the power of a vengeful god within his body, while Shang Tsung's shapeshifting abilities & usage of harmful toxins make him a tricky opponent for anyone to contend with. Heihachi would certainly have his work cut out for him as he tries to land his "Demon Uppercut" & "Hell Axle" on a slippery Shang Tsung that tries to psyche his multiversal foe out by transforming into his greatest adversary. How crazy would it be to watch Heihachi's mind be broken at the sight of Shang Tsung changing into Kazuya? The mind games for this match would be off the charts, folks!

9. Jack vs. Goro

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The main version of Jack has gotten a wealth of worthy upgrades to the point where he's reached his eighth iteration in Tekken 8. Jack-8 has enough combat data to stay in the fight with the rest of Tekken's roster, but what would happen if he was forced to contend with someone just as big as him & existing outside of his universe? The someone we're alluding to is Goro, the four-armed prince of the "Shokan" who's always been seen as one of Mortal Kombat's biggest terrors. What we're visualizing here is Goro tapping into his Mortal Kombat X "Dragon Fangs" variation to stand more of a chance with Jack-8's hulking figure. Tons of excitement from an audience would ensue if Jack-8 and Goro leaped high into the air at the same damn time!

10. Ogre vs. Shao Kahn

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One of the most badass character designs of all time greeted everyone who made it to the semi-final boss fight of Tekken 3. Those players ran into Ogre, the literal "God of Fighting" who ripped moves from other past fighters and adapted them into his mishmash of lethal maneuvers. What would happen if Ogre tried his luck against the Mortal Kombat's warmongering behemoth, Shao Kahn? These imposing warriors would produce enough power to split open the foundation of the planet itself - Ogre's powerful offense would prove to be formidable enough to equal the devastation derived from Shao Kahn's shoulder tackle & vicious "Wrath Hammer."

11. Raven vs. Sub-Zero

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The other mega-popular ninja from Mortal Kombat that's regarded as a video game icon is Sub-Zero. Ever since young arcade goers witnessed the frosty ninja ripping the head off of his adversaries, they gravitated toward him and his "cool" design. Another ninja that gets a lot of brownie points from gamers is Tekken's Raven, the badass Ninjutsu practitioner who always gets compared to Blade (HE DOES LOOK LIKE THE WESLEY SNIPES VERSION!). Watching these two ninjas make clones of themselves and come to blows once the real versions start throwing hands sounds like something we'd love to see go down in a big-budget video game cinematic sequence. Raven's going to have to dodge all those ice traps on the ground while Sub-Zero will have to keep an eye out for Raven's tricky footwork.

12. Kunimitsu vs. Mileena

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We have a feeling our eyes wouldn't be able to keep up with all the fast-paced movement and stealthy maneuvers these two lethal ladies would pull off during their fated encounter. Kunimitsu's mastery of "Manji Ninjutsu" & her kodachi is powerful and all, but can it withstand Mileena's use of Mianquan and her signature sai? We'd pay good money to see which one of these fighting game femme fatales would come out on top! Prayers up for Kunimitsu if Mileena managed to take a bite out of Kunimitsu because we don't know if she'd be able to come back from that...

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