The 20 Best Samurai Games of All Time

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"The Samurai always has to rise and move on, because new challenges will come." - Lyoto Machida. Now that's quite the bar from one of the most respected MMA fighters out here. The image of a heavily armored (and even a lone warrior not wearing too much protective gear!) heading into battle with a katana in hand is incredibly motivating. And being able to use that weapon and several other samurai weaponry to cut down multiple enemies in just a few seconds feels hella exhilarating. If you've been playing games for as long as we have, then you already know the fun factor that comes with playing as a badass samurai is super high. If you're in the mood to do some damage as that famed Japanese warrior, then tap in with us as we shout out 20 of the best samurai games of all time.

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Best Samurai Games

samurai shodown 2019

1. ‘Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut’

Buy Now, $49.99

2. ‘Like a Dragon: Ishin!’

Buy Now, $49.99

3. ‘Way of the Samurai’

Buy Now, $59.80

4. ‘Nioh 2’

Buy Now, $44.99

5. ‘Samurai Shodown II’

Buy Now, $36.55

6. ‘Samurai Shodown V Special’

Buy Now, $36.55

7. ‘Samurai Shodown’ (2019)

Buy Now, $37.70

8. ‘Bushido Blade’

Buy Now, $69.98

9. ‘Soulcalibur VI’

Buy Now, $14.97

10. ‘Onimusha: Warlords’

Download Now, $19.99

11. ‘Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny’

Buy Now, $27.99

12. ‘Onimusha 3: Demon Siege’

Buy Now, $49.99

13. ‘Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams’

Buy Now, $89.99

14. ‘Samurai Warriors 4’

Buy Now, $48.27

15. ‘Samurai Warriors 5’

Buy Now, Price Varies

16. ‘Samurai Gunn 2’

Download Now, $14.99

17. ‘Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time’

Download Now, $39.99

18. ‘For Honor’

Buy Now, $34.87

19. ‘Total War: Shogun 2’

Download Now, $29.99

20. ‘Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun’

Buy Now, $23.92
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