The 10 Best Soulslike Games for 'Elden Ring' Fans

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If you, like much of the rest of the gaming world, enjoy Elden Ring, it's clear you like a challenge. Regular folks might say you like your games to be obtuse, for them to withdraw support when you feel you need it most. You say you're a "Soulslike" fan.

But what does that mean? It's simple, really. You enjoy the austere, unforgiving worlds of games spawned after FromSoftware's PlayStation 3 title started it all: Demon's Souls. Arguably, the "genre" began with earlier FromSoftware titles like King's Field or Shadow Tower, but for the sake of argument, Demon's Souls is what started many down this path.

You like what you like. No one's about to judge you for that. And we all know that Soulslike games are indeed an acquired taste. But if you've been loving Elden Ring (and maybe growing as a person as you work through it), there's more where that came from. We know. You're probably plotting a course right now for your next fix of Soulslike goodness because eventually, Elden Ring will end. It's just the way of the world.

But your time with games (very much like) it doesn't have to. We've lined out some of the best Soulslike games out there that you should focus your attention on next. As a courtesy, you understand. Just for you.

Here are the 10 best Soulslike games for Elden Ring fans, in no particular order.

1. 'Bloodborne'

2. 'Dark Souls Remastered'

3. 'Demon's Souls' (PS5)

4. 'Nioh 2'

5. 'Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice'

6. 'Dark Souls II'

7. 'Dark Souls III'

8. 'Code Vein'

9. 'Salt and Sanctuary'

10. 'Hollow Knight'

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