The 35 Best 'Street Fighter' Characters, Ranked

Loveleen Kaur / ONE37pm

There's one fighting game franchise that's recognized by anyone and everyone. One fighting game property that has practically influenced every other series within the genre. And one fighting game that's managed to endure over the decades and remain the king of the mountain. That fighter is undoubtedly Capcom's Street Fighter.

Although the original game's 1987 release left a ton of folks feeling underwhelmed, Street Fighter II literally changed the game back in 1991 and influenced everything that came after it. Arcades were full of young kids trying their hardest to pull off a "Hadouken," "Shoryuken," and "Tatsumaki Senpukyaku." And as Street Fighter II got incremental updates, it became even more of a force that gained iconic status among gamers and even non-gamers.

Now that we're on the 35th anniversary of Street Fighter in 2022, I feel like it's the perfect opportunity to highlight the series' most beloved characters. This list is going to cover characters that made an appearance in mainline series entries, the Alpha prequels, and even the 3D EX games.

Let's show some love to 35 of the greatest Street Fighter "World Warriors" of all time!

35. G

34. Q

33. C. Viper

32. Gen

31. Fei Long

30. Necro

29. Rose

28. Menat

27. Elena

26. Balrog

27. Dan

26. E. Honda

25. Dhalsim

24. Zangief

23. Alex

22. Urien

21. Karin

20. Guy

19. Charlie

18. R. Mika

17. Juri

16. Makoto

15. Yang

14. Yun

13. Cody

12. Ibuki

11. Dudley

10. Guile

9. M. Bison

8. Sagat

7. Vega

6. Sakura

5. Cammy

4. Chun-Li

3. Ken

2. Ryu

1. Akuma

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