11 Twitch Streamers To Watch This Month (April 2022)

Loveleen Kaur / ONE37pm

The springtime season is in full bloom, which means gamers have ample time to go outside and finally touch some grass (we've seen that meme going around lately and we love it!). But once you come back indoors after indulging in all the goodness Mother Nature gives us, feel free to give this next group of awesome streamers a watch. Pop into their chat and be sure to tell 'em we sent you!

2. KDotDaGawd

Undying love for anime and RPGs lies at the heart of the next pick on our list, KDotDaGawd. This delightful brother right here is worth checking in with if you're down to watch some thorough gameplay of the latest and greatest hits. Plus he's also known for hopping into the most anime game releases, catching a few wins in Apex Legends, and trying his hand at conquering a brand RPG that's captured his attention.

3. ZuriSparks

ZuriSparks streams, cosplays, is a pretty dope seamstress, and is quite adept at 3D modeling. The jack-of-all-trades vibes are very strong here, obviously. She's one of the better variety streamers worth following right now as she loves to, in her own words, "pretty much play any game that stresses me out." Get in tune with this wonderful woman so you can watch her struggle and ultimately prevail in whatever game she decides to test her mettle against.

5. BruceDropEmOff

The one and only BruceDropEmOff has amassed himself quite the fan following thanks to his wild "Just Chatting" streams. It's always a good time whenever you get to watch him hop into a game with the homies, describe his latest adventures within The Metaverse, or speak on his recent misadventures on Reddit. On the gaming front, you can find BruceDropEmOff dibbling and dabbling in a variety of games. We promise you'll come back for more after you've caught yourself getting sucked into one of this dude's outlandish tales.

6. Meenuhhh

Meenuhhh has a huge appreciation for two games that we're sure everyone is already familiar with - Apex Legends and Valorant. She's quite nasty on the sticks and has a penchant for showing out whenever she goes live for some first-person shooter activities. We have to commend Meenuhhh for going the variety streamer route and adding more games to her pallette for her loyal viewers. Roach Gang, stand up!

7. BadGalShay

We can't help but love us some Shay. She keeps us super attentive when she decides to go ham during her latest Apex Legends or Lost Ark livestream session. She's also put in work within a variety of other games, such as Fortnite, Destiny 2, and Dead By Daylight. BadGalShay is definitely fearless at times as she gets caught up in some trending online challenges from time to time (she's out of her mind for eating that disgusting pickled egg live on stream!).

8. IFCYipeS

That inner-city feeling comes through in the best way possible whenever IFCYipeS pulls up to stream. The legendary FGC streamer and player is still such a dope entity within it as he puts on his own tournament series (the Can Opener Tournament Series). He also shows off his fighting game skills when goes off in several games - the man is a bonafide beast in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. IFCYipeS also gives off super chill vibes whenever he streams some dope rap/hip-hop instrumentals for his fellow boom bap heads in the chat.

9. jwonggg

The "Wong Factor" is a familiar term to avid followers of the FGC scene. It describes the clutch player mode that Justin Wong enters whenever it looks like the chips are down. As a longtime fighting game pro, jwonggg has maintained his esports excellence as an amazing player across all sorts of Capcom, SNK, and Arc System Works classics. It's even more fun to watch him try his hand at super obscure fighting games and body the AI & any online opponents that want to test their skill against one of the very best.

10. punkdagod

When you talk about the top Street Fighter V players in the world, this streamer's name will usually come up during the conversation. punkdagod has jumped into the streaming game to show just how versatile he is when it comes to quickly mastering a character and showing everyone how to properly use them in an online situation. It's also worth watching punkdagod put in work when he dips his toes into other fighting games and dominates the online tourneys he jumps into to keep his skills intact.

11. Maximilian_DOOD

Maximilian_DOOD is another one of those longstanding FGC personalities that have amassed a ton of fans and acclaim since he decided to delve into game streaming. While his popularity first took shape during his Call of Duty content creator days, he truly blossomed into a can't miss streamer as he showcases his love and all types of fighting games. Sitting down to watch him beat the breaks off of online players in his favorite fighters, play with the rest of his "YoVideogames" crew, and have some enlightening discussions about the games he loves never gets old.

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