Get Familiar With Hover, The TikTok for Twitch Streamers

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It can become quite the chore to break through to the Twitch home page as an up-and-coming streamer. Getting more eyes on the content you worked so hard to create is also a tough feat that many have yet to accomplish. But Hover, an app that caters to sharing game clips from a long list of game streaming platforms, is making it easier for Twitch's ever-growing lineup of creators to get discovered by a much wider audience.

ONE37pm had a conversation with Hover COO James Purell, who gave us some info on how the app was put into motion by founders Jake Aronow and Zander, the cool concept behind "Clip Challenges," how he acquired his position within the company, and so much more.


ONE37pm: Give us an overview of everything entails.

James Purell: Hover is a social media platform that allows users to easily pull, edit and create clips from Xbox, Playstation, Twitch, and Twitter. Our users share these moments and Hover matches them with the perfect audience most likely to watch it and jump into their live stream.

Jake Aronow

ONE37pm: How did the founders of (Jake Aronow and Zander) come up with the concept behind their clip-sharing platform?

Purell: Jake and Zander were playing Fortnite one night and unlike Zander, Jake did not often get kills. So when he did, he wanted a platform to share his moments. They started researching and found that a lot of Twitch users had hundreds of clips, but nowhere to share them. Within this research, they noted a lot of people on Twitch were streaming to a small audience and they quickly realized that there was no way for these creators to get discovered. Hover was something we worked on part-time, but then the pandemic hit, and we thought if we were ever going to go all-in on our idea, now would be the time.

ONE37pm: How is tackling the issue of lack of player discoverability on Twitch?

Purell: There is a range of ways Hover is tackling the lack of discoverability on Twitch. Every single moment posted by a user has a “visit on Twitch” button - making it a one-click feature to quickly be able to get to someone's profile if you enjoy their short-form content. When a user is live on Twitch, a red “live circle” will appear on every single clip, elevating the need to post “going live” posts - this appears on every single clip posted. So regardless of a viewer's discovery experience, if you are live they will know you are live with the ability to press one button and jump straight in. 

We also have three feeds, our “live,” “discover,” and our “feed.” The feed is simply everyone you follow, the discover feed is new creators sprinkled with people you follow, and the live feed is every one that is currently live on Twitch. If your favorite creators aren't currently live, you can browse the live section, find some short-form content you like and jump straight in - similar to how Netflix recommends new series to you.

On top of the features we have on the app, we also showcase creators weekly through our clip competitions. These competitions can quite literally be anything, from “chubby bunny” challenges, to fails, epic moments, wholesome - we've even had a pet flex challenge. We have three of these challenges a week, with the top four taking home cash prizes. We have thousands of entries and 16 are showcased. The 16 will not be notified in advance, with hundreds of viewers tuning in to see if they've made it. 

When we have shown the clips, the Twitch chat will vote for who they want to see progress through to the finals and be the eventual winners. Further to these weekly shows, we also hold a quarterly event, “Next Top Streamer'' (NTS). This is similar to if X-Factor and America's Got Talent combined & did a show on Twitch.

Entrants will enter a 60-second audition onto the app, showcasing themselves and their content - 32 will be picked for our “Top 32 reveal” where they will go head to head to make it through to our live stages. The live stages see us have multiple guest judges come on to the show and watch 20-minute auditions of the 16 during a week-long event - with the eventual winners taking home huge prize pools but most importantly, a new audience. Our last two previous winners have gone from averaging 15 and 40 CCV to over the required Twitch partner numbers and successfully getting Twitch Partner.

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