11 Twitch Streamers To Watch This Month (August 2022)

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Welp...the summer is almost at an end, ladies and gentlemen. And for the past few months, we've made sure to highlight the dopest Twitch streamers that have given us plenty of amazing content to watch while our air conditioners have been turned up to maximum levels. Now that we've arrived in the final month of the summer, we're going to do our due diligence once again to compile another lineup of 11 Twitch streamers that entertain us (no matter the season!).

1. rickypeacock

rickypeacock provides his own brand of comedy to the great city of Chicago. But he also brings his hilarious ways into the world of live streaming as a variety game streamer. We salute this comedic king for trying his hand at a whole host of titles, which include MultiVersus, Disco Elysium, Stray, etc. rickypeacock wants to make friends and play video games - he's certainly gained a lifelong buddy in us.

2. Bugzvii

We got a pro gamer here, folks! Bugzvii's been putting in work out there in these gaming competition streets - his esports credentials are tied to multiplayer staples such as Fortnite and now MultiVersus. What you'll find here is a streamer that's highly competitive who's dibbled and dabbled in Paladins, HypeSquad, and Rumbleverse. Keep an eye on the homie Bugzvii as he's set to appear at a whole lot of MultiVersus tourneys as time wears on.

3. KillerDomoBear

The #1 "Sad Boi" that reps for" The Sad Squad" is none other than KillerDomoBear. His talents lie in pulling off triumphant feats in first- and third-person shooters. The shooters that allow him to go off and impress everyone that's tuning in live are Valorant, Fortnite, and Call of Duty. These days, you can catch KillerDomoBear dedicating his FPS skills to Valorant. So if you're down for all that, prepare to be entertained.

4. jenbooe

jenbooe's gaming addictions lie in three titles that we're sure many of you also have a hard time abandoning as well - The Sims, Fortnite, and Valorant. Her bright and bubbly personality shines through during every live stream she's a part of. You just gotta tune in to see her take the biggest wins in Valorant or create elaborate pieces of 3D architecture in The Sims. Be sure to hop on her Twitter and IG if you wanna peep all her immense drip, by the way.


KeneyTSUNAMI's energy is infectious. Once he hops out of his chair to swivel his hips a bit and get extra lit, you'll more than likely do the same. This animated gentleman loves his first-person shooters, but he's also known for delving into some other games from time to time since he's a variety streamer. The man has gone ham in Valorant, MultiVersus, Dead By Daylight, and a host of other games that let him bring a huge dosage of exhilaration to his streams.

6. SkyraStyles

Even though SkyraStyles describes herself as "just an average player that makes above-average plays," we consider her more of an above-average gamer that brings us so much joy. Her love lies in first-person shooters, but she's always open to trying out all types of games whenever she hops online to hype up her viewers. Whether she's startling everyone during a playthrough of The Quarry or putting her expert Apex Legends gameplay on display, we're always focused on whatever SkyraStyles is up to.

7. borgopixel

borgopixel clearly loves to compete amongst the very best whenever he logs in to stream his favorite games. He regularly impresses in popular multiplayer experiences such as Valorant, Fall Guys, The Sims 4, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. This streamer's intellect (which is also applied to his appreciation for science in regard to chemical engineering) comes through front and center whenever his camera is turned on for the world to see.

9. RiceballiNNN

RiceballiNNN is nasty on the sticks when the opportunity arises to pick up the biggest victories in Valorant and League of Legends. At the moment though, he dedicates his time and every towards grinding religiously in Valorant, which is pretty damned compelling to watch in live stream form. If you're a Sova main, then you'll love watching RiceballiNNN show out with him onstream.

11. Dray

If you've been following our gaming coverage for a while now, this "big buttcheeked streamer" (his words, not ours!) should be familiar to you all. We've shown him some love via Aaron "Don" Dukes' Inside the Screen podcast, but we feel like it's time we give him even more flowers. Dray's hype levels are next level - his enthusiasm comes through the screen whenever he hops online to play various games. His playlist includes Apex Legends, MultiVersus, Fall Guys, and much more.

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