11 Twitch Streamers To Watch This Month (June 2022)

Loveleen Kaur / ONE37pm

You know us here at ONE37pm - we always make it our mission to highlight those who are well deserving of getting some shine thrown their way. And on the gaming side things, we've made it a monthly occurrence to bring 11 of the best Twitch streamers to your attention. It's a new month, so you already know we have another entertaining bunch of Twitch personalities that will most definitely make your playlist once you've read through all of our recommendations.

1. kayceeedilla

We just can't get enough of kayceeedilla. Her vibes are always so right, which is why our mood is instantly uplifted whenever she gets into streamer mode. She delivers plenty of memorable moments during her time spent in games such as Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and Valorant. But she also spends her time playing a variety of other non-FPS games, grading people's cute pups, rating gamer setups, and doing so much more. kayceeedilla is one of our most beneficial cures for extreme boredom.

2. triciaisabirdy

Three cheers for chef triciaisabirdy! She's a woman of many talents and one of them is her ability to concoct delicious delicacies live on Twitch. The fact that she got her training done at Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo lends that extra air of credibility to her cooking expertise. She's not only a beast in the kitchen, but she's also quite amazing on the sticks. triciaisabirdy dibbles and dabbles in games such as MapleStory, League of Legends, and Eternal Return.

3. LifeofRio

LifeofRio's mission statement is something we can definitely get behind - "I like making people laugh. Life is short so Smile." Whenever he goes live, we know we're due for some good times watching him put in work during some exciting Apex Legends matches. He's also worth watching since he delves into some intriguing conversations surrounding all sorts of topics, including his thoughts on Warframe and a host of other games. If LifeofRio tells us a game is/is not worth buying, then we're keen to listen to him.

4. PeachFPS

PeachFPS' name should tell you everything you need to know about where she gets the majority of her enjoyment from. With a controller in hand, she picks up W's and hands out L's in Apex Legends, Valorant, and Rust. She's also known for challenging herself in other gaming genres, which is an aspect of her gameplay that's exemplified by her time spent taking on bosses in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. PeachFPS's tutorial vids on Apex Legends have gotten us farther than we could have imagined, by the way.

6. Vantanart

Vantanart has amassed a nice gathering of followers that he's chosen to nickname the "VanFam." What makes this streamer stand out so much to us is his unabashed love of art, which he sometimes showcases whenever he goes live to draw and paint. He exudes such positive vibes, so it's easy for us to stay in tune with him whenever we need a mood tuneup when we're feeling a bit down. Vantanart plays all sorts of games too, such as Surgery Simulator, Apex Legends, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, etc. Here's hoping he gets dressed up to match the occasion of whatever game he's planning to play soon.

7. allifitz

Lady allifitz is such a magnetic individual that holds our attention due to her pop star personality, an affinity for making dope music, and willingness to engage in some fun "Mukbang" & "ASMR" activities. On the gaming side of the spectrum, she indulges in some lengthy play sessions that include titles such as Until Dawn, Mario Tennis Aces, Roblox, etc. allifitz dips her toes into seemingly anything and everything, which is why she's one of our most treasured variety streamers.

8. AndyLegend_

What we have here is a self-admitted "Semi Wholesome Gamer/Streamer" that gets a kick out of playing FPS and RPG games for his growing fanbase. AndyLegend_ tends to impress whenever he hops into Apex Legends, Valorant, Genshin Impact, Rogue Company, etc. The man has had quite the exciting live-streaming career thus far - he's played against avid gamer/rapper Soulja Boy, pulled off amazing feats in Call of Duty, and even pulled some hard-to-obtain characters in Genshin Impact in as few turns as possible. We're going to keep following AndyLegend_ so we can improve our Valorant skills and rise to his level of expertise.

9. Brian_F

One of the best Street Fighter V Twitch streamers you need to follow is none other than the man we're highlighting here, Brian_F. He's the type of player that can damn near play with everyone on the roster and make them look way stronger than the character tier lists would have you believe. It's also worth catching up with Brian_F to hear his thoughts about the newsworthy world of Street Fighter and listen to his fun recollections about his previous fighting game tournament performances. We can't wait to see him perform some amazing combos and comebacks once Street Fighter 6 finally drops.

10. Sajam

Sajam is a recognizable and highly regarded member of the FGC that is always open to lending his thoughts on the most trending happenings going down within his favorite gene. Prepare yourself for plenty of hot takes and commentary over pro fighting game matches. Alongside that dosage of quality content, Sajam also shows off his swaggy combos and mastery of several different fighters from time to time - you can watch him in action in games such as BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Granblue Fantasy: Versus, and Guilty Gear Strive.


"If you are reading this you legally have to give me your Twitch Prime." So says the main statement included within ANIMEILLUMINATI's Twitch bio. If you're looking to align yourself with a not-so-secret society of fighting game fanatics, then it's definitely worth subscribing to this man's channel. ANIMEILLUMINATI is most known for giving his expert opinion on the current goings-on within the anime fighting game sub-genre, plus he's pretty adept at playing them quite well. If you consider yourself a dedicated member of the FGC, then make sure you link up with ANIMEILLUMINATI.

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