11 Twitch Streamers To Watch This Month (September 2022)

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Welcome to another monthly roundup of super dope and creative Twitch streamers that we'd love for you all to check out. For the month of September, we chose to switch up the format a bit here and choose a bunch of content creators that are multitalented at their core. What we've gathered here are a bunch of Twitch personalities that present gaming content and even non-gaming content that points to the other interests/careers that define them. Chances are you know some of the folks on this list already thanks to their celebrity status! So without further ado, let's take a look at 11 Twitch streamers that you'll definitely want to tune in for whenever they go live.

1. Maya

Maya has a huge love and appreciation for this planet's varied species of wildlife. In her career as a wildlife rehabilitator, she makes sure to tend to the betterment of birds of prey. When she hops on to go live, Maya provides streams that focus on chatting about her sanctuary, giving everyone an inside look at all of her animals, and even indulging in some personal meal prep. If you're looking for something different from your usual gamut of "Just Chatting" categorized streamers, Maya's your girl!

Watch Maya's Twitch Channel Here

3. sashagrey

Chances are you're already in the know and subscribed to this uber-popular streamer. If you're not up to speed on who sashagrey is, then allow us to put you on - she's an actor, musician/DJ, plus a published writer. Whenever she goes live, you can usually catch her "touching grass" as she explores the great outdoors and just enjoys life for what it is. She also games every now and then, plus she entertains via her cooking presentations that have been dubbed as "Secret Sauce" streams.

Watch sashagrey's Twitch Channel Here


NAPPY BOYYYYYYYYY! The Autotune singer that's blessed everyone's playlists since 2005 just so happens to be a pretty avid gamer. His Twitch channel showcases his lovable personality, a huge sense of hilarity, and varied taste in all sorts of games that catch his eye. It's also fun to catch T-Pain hop on to live stream his beat production process while he dishes out some funny stories about his legendary career all the while.

Watch TPAIN's Twitch Channel Here

5. HealthyGamer_GG

HealthyGamer_GG is here to help those that struggle with mental health issues. Through his immensely helpful Twitch channel, he makes a habit out of offering tips and diving into deep conversations about dealing with one's mental health woes and coming out on the better end of them. Dr. Alok Kanojia aka "Dr. K" provides a Twitch channel that outsources essential advice for anyone and everyone. On the gaming front, Dr. K's Cult of the Lamb live streams were pretty fun in their own right.

Watch HealthyGamer_GG's Twitch Channel Here


ADAM COLE BAY BAY! One of the best wrestlers in the world that's competed across the indies, ROH, NXT, WWE, and now AEW loves to game in his rare moments of off-time. Mr. Cole is certainly an avid Halo addict as evidenced by all the collector's edition gear he has for Master Chief, but he also plays through a nice variety of other games that capture his attention and make him feel like a kid again. Adam Cole's passion for gaming is all contained within this awesome Twitch channel (make sure you watch him put in work in the squared circle on AEW Dynamite and Rampage, by the way!).

Watch TheCHUGS' Twitch Channel Here

7. khleothomas

khleothomas seemingly does it all! The man appears onscreen as a musical artist, an actor, and an entrepreneur. If you've ever sat down and watched any episodes from Holes and Shameless, then you probably recognize the man known as Khleo Thomas. His Twitch channel sees him hopping into any relevant games that are currently popping, plus chill sessions that are all about reminiscing over 90s music videos and trivia. The party atmosphere khleothomas gives off here is well worth tuning in for.

Watch khleothomas' Twitch Channel Here

8. AustinCreed

WWE Superstar. Cosplayer. Genius college grad. And an all-around super positive dude. The man we're celebrating here is the great Xavier Woods, real name Austin Creed. When he's not delivering hilarious promos and putting on banger matches with the other members of The New Day, Creed pops up on his Twitch channel to play a whole host of games. It's also worth checking out his UpUpDownDown YouTube channel to see Creed and his fellow WWE wrestlers engage in some heated competition.

Watch AustinCreed's Twitch Channel Here


Ever heard of Jonwayne? If you're not in the know, he's a super talented rapper and producer that's signed to Stones Throw Records. So here's the thing - he actually had another Twitch channel before the one we're mentioning here that was called "JonMakesBeats." Since putting that channel on hiatus, Wayne has moved onto his new channel ("SATURNMANE"), which gets right back to what he does best - take viewers through the entire process of creating a fire beat for hip-hop aficionados.

Watch SATURNMANE's Twitch Channel Here

10. baedrian00

baedrian00 refers to himself as "just a Brown potato playing games with friends" that hails from Seattle. He's a pretty chill variety streamer that also gets his multiplayer kicks in from games such as Valorant and Apex Legends. Besides being a dedicated gamer, baedrian00 is also really adept at putting together keyboards together. So if you're really big into Twitch's "Makers & Crafting" category, you'll definitely want to check out this channel for some tips on how to build your very own gaming keyboards.

Watch baedrian00's Twitch Channel Here

11. Mizkif

Here's another streamer that you're probably already well aware of! Mizkif, who's the owner of the "OTK" ("One True King") network of fellow streamers, has a huge presence across every social media platform you can think of. On Twitch, Mizkif indulges in some "Just Chatting" sessions that see him covering a whole bunch of topics and even getting into some Q&A chats with the chat thanks to his trusty roulette wheel. Mizkif tends to react to all the "tea" that gets spilled onto the internet among other social media influencers and also covers pop culture topics as a whole, which should be right up a lot of people's alleys.

Watch Mizkif's Twitch Channel Here
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