Meet Bitmap Books' Creative Director and Founder, Sam Dyer

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The medium of interactive entertainment has been documented via print for the longest time now.

Publications such Game Informer have maintained their longevity as everyone's go-to gaming magazine, while discontinued mags such as GamePro and Electronic Gaming Monthly will always be regarded as the very best in the genre. Elsewhere, gamers who love to reflect on the past can check out museums (the National Videogame Museum in Frisco, Texas is highly recommended!), retro gaming stores, throwback arcades, podcasts, etc.

Another avenue toward preserving and learning about gaming history is literature. One of the most prominent entities in that space is Bitmap Books, which is self-described and recognized worldwide as "an award-winning independent publisher of retro gaming books."

Bitmap Books has already published a vast array of books that cover a wide range of topics, such as the history of SNK, a visual compendium focused on the 16-bit graphics of the SNES, a guide to Japanese role-playing games, and so much more. Bitmap's latest work (The King of Fighters: The Ultimate History) is set to drop very soon, which is why we decided to catch up with the book publisher's Creative Director and Founder, Sam Dyer.

Join ONE37pm and Dyer as we chat about the start of Bitmap Books, the very first book put out by the publisher, and more.

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