Bugha Is This Week's Special Guest on 'Inside The Screen'

Thee Bugha sat down with ONE37pm's Don to talk all things gaming

Bugha/Michael Caloca

This week’s episode of Inside The Screen hosted by ONE37pm’s Aaron ‘Don’ Dukes features the one and only Bugha. Since debuting in the gaming scene in early 2019 as a member of Sentinels Esports organization, Bugha has gone on to be recognized as one of esports top superstars. The Fortnite World Cup Champion and PC Player of the Year joined Don in a very special interview to talk about all things gaming, how to achieve longevity in the esports scene, Lebron, and more.

The two didn’t waste any time diving into what they both love most: gaming. They kicked off the conversation talking about how competitions have been so far for Bugha, and what he has currently been up to. “So competitions have been good. I’ve been competing in Fortnite for about three years strong,” he tells Don as he goes to explain how he periodically takes breaks to play other games such as Valorant. “Fortnite comp is always going to be there for me, and I am always going to perform well because I’m never going to let myself do really crappy in those since that is where I came from. Some of the kids that go into Fortnite now-a-days really want it bad!”

As the convo goes on, Don and Bugha get into the pancakes and waffles debate, BBC, and game meta vs LAG, before diving into a discussion about Fortnite’s mechanics being underrated. Don makes the argument of Fortnite potentially being top five in terms of how challenging the game is from a mechanical standpoint, and also points out that he could see Bugha making the switch to Valorant one day. “If Fortnite comp were to ever die out, I feel like I’ll always have those ‘gamer genetics’ where I can just play another game. I’ll put in the time and be good at whatever I play. Like I said if Fortnite were to ever die out, then I’ll try something else!”

Don and Bugha covered so much ground in their 20-minute discussion, and you definitely don’t want to miss out the full conversation. You can find the episode above, and follow Bugha on Instagram.

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