'Dawn of the Monsters' Review

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Do any of you old heads reading this remember an SNK fighter called King of the Monsters?

The original release and its sequel were a dream come true for kaiju fans as it threw a bunch of towering brawlers into massive cities that doubled as destructible battlefields. That concept was greatly built upon for the criminally slept-on PS2 monster battle royale, War of the Monsters. With all the fanfare given to the Godzilla vs. Kong film from 2021 and a fair bit of hype afforded to the upcoming indie arena brawler GigaBash, it feels like everyone is falling back in love with the kaiju genre all over again.

13AM Games and WayForward must have gotten the memo because they've managed to create a love letter to the entertainment genre that's all about massive beasts, robots, and Power Rangers-esque heroes clashing in the middle of highly populated cities. Welcome to Dawn of the Monsters.

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So what you're in store for here is a beat 'em up that gives you two "friendly" beasts (called "Nephilim") and two robotic saviors to take into battle. As soon as you boot up the game and get a look at the main menu, you'll quickly appreciate Dawn of the Monsters' crisp animated art style. WayForward is known for putting out games that are always easy on the eyes and the same can be said here. Stomping through each biome will treat you to beautifully animated visuals that bring the mayhem occurring on screen to life in the best way possible. You'll truly feel like you're actively participating in a Saturday morning cartoon as you come across dialogue sequences that are filled with B-movie voice acting (which isn't a bad thing seeing as how it fits right in with the game's overall presentation). I must say - the designs for Tempest Galahad and Aegis Prime are cool enough to stand side by side with any Power Rangers Megazord. The designs for every regular baddie, miniboss, and final area big boss are equally great.

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