These 8 EA Games are Worthy of a Comeback

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Electronic Arts

AAA-game publisher/developer Electronic Arts certainly gets a ton of flack. And to be quite honest, it’s quite justified. For every good move that EA makes (releasing a single-player focused Star Wars game to critical acclaim deserves to be applauded), the company makes an equally confounding and upsetting decision (the Star Wars Battlefront II loot box scandal immediately comes to mind).

Recently, however, EA has taken some positive steps in the right direction. Gamers have been clamoring for a new entry in the Skate series forever - EA made the decision to honor that loyal fanbase by announcing that a new game is coming. The EA Play Live 2021 event is slated to stream on Thursday, July 22, and will surely treat everyone to exciting news regarding EA’s current and future games lineup. And based on a hot rumor that’s recently been making the rounds, it looks as if EA is set to bring back another beloved IP of theirs in a major way. It’s been said that the third-person survival horror series known as Dead Space is set for a revival that’s being developed by EA’s Motive Studio (which is the development team that worked on Star Wars: Squadrons). All signs are pointing to the return of the necromorph-filled nightmare game getting officially announced at the EA Play Live digital event.

That got us to thinking - what other EA properties are worthy of making a grand comeback? EA’s graveyard is filled with a dizzying amount of beloved IPs and it’s about time that the publisher/developer brought them back from the dead for another go-round. The following eight games we listed below are more than ready to come back in a triumphant fashion and wow gamers of the old and the new generation alike.

1. ‘Dead Space’

2. ‘Fight Night’

3. ‘NBA Street’

4. ‘Def Jam’

5. ‘SSX’

6. ‘Burnout’

7. ‘Road Rash’

8. ‘Army of Two’

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