Elton's 'Resident Evil Village' DLC Wishlist

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One of the most rewarding gaming experiences of the year thus far is most definitely Capcom’s Resident Evil Village.

The first-person viewpoint that arrived in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard made its return and matched up perfectly with a new creepy town that harkened back to Resident Evil 4’s main locale. Running away from voracious Lycans, combing through every corner to find treasurable goods, and taking down Mother Miranda & her mutant lords make RE Village super enjoyable. After wrapping up my latest horror trek with Ethan Winters, my thirst for more substantial story DLC grew by leaps and bounds. Thankfully, Capcom confirmed that they’ve already begun working on additional content for RE Village during Capcom’s E3 2021 livestream event. Seeing as how great RE Village turned out, I’m more than excited to see how that planned DLC turns out.

After looking through all of the concept art and developer commentary/interviews about RE Village, I came up with three scenarios that would make for amazing DLC content if they were actually implemented.

1. Let Us Experience Chris Redfield’s Portion of the Main Campaign

revillage Chrisredfield

The transformation that took place between the RE7 and RE Village interpretations of Chris Redfield was pretty monumental. The longtime BSAA agent definitely glowed up from his slimmer self to his current bulkier frame. During Ethan’s horrifying time spent in RE Village’s dangerous Eastern European locale, Chris was also making his way through the same walking (and crawling) dangers that also endangered Ethan’s life.

When I finally got the opportunity to step into Chris’s battle-worn boots, I was thoroughly entertained by his short but sweet gameplay section. I’d love it if the devs behind RE Village let us experience everything Chris was up to while Ethan went on a rescue mission to retrieve his kidnapped baby daughter. The “Not A Hero” mini-campaign from RE7 was definitely a blast, so here’s hoping that Capcom adopts that approach once again and lets us eliminate Lycans as the greatest boulder puncher in gaming history.

2. Bring Back Ada Wong!

re village ada wong

Imagine my shock and awe when I came across that image of Ada Wong in the concept art section for RE Village. My heart wept in pain when I read the developer commentary attached to it - “Early plans had a mysterious masked person that saves Ethan. This was going to be Ada Wong investigating the village, but this was cut due to a number of conflicting scenarios.” Imagine how hype everyone would have been if that canceled character reveal was kept in the game!

I’m sure there shouldn’t be any more “conflicting scenarios” now that RE Village has entered into its post-launch DLC production phase, so now’s the perfect time to revisit Ada’s gameplay return to the world of Resident Evil. Keep the black plague doctor getup & crossbow and let players play as Ada in a bid to retrieve a sample of The Mold's "Cadou" for one of her freelance overseers. The last time anyone got to directly control Ada, it was back in Resident Evil 6. After such an extended wait, now’s the perfect time to bring Leon S. Kenny’s heartbreaker back into the fold.

3. Give the Hound Wolf Squad Their Own Mini Hunk-Style Campaigns

hound wolf squad

Chris didn’t come to Lady Miranda’s forsaken village alone. He was accompanied by an elite team of BSAA operatives known as the “Hound Wolf Squad,” which consists of Rolando Elba (Umber Eyes), Dion Wilson (Canine), Charlie Graham (Night Howl), John Perlman (Lobo), and Emily Berkhoff (Tundra). Their onscreen time was far too short, but they made the most of their time by giving us a quick glimpse into their varied personalities.

It’s time the developers behind RE Village grant me and plenty of other fans’ wishes by giving the Wolf Hound Squad their own gameplay segments. The way I envision these DLC segments going is reminiscent of how it was done for Hunk back in the remake for Resident Evil 2. Each operative has their own signature weapon (and loadout, I’m guessing), so it’d be pretty awesome if players got to race to an escape point while trying to fight through numerous night terrors. Making a grand escape as either member of the Wolf Hound Squad and running through a monstrous horde all the while is a scenario I’d pay good money to play.

4. Let Everyone Wreak Havoc as Lady D!

lady d

As soon as everyone got a good look at the tall vampire lady known as “Lady D,” everyone instantly fell in love and began dedicating quality cosplay & fan art to the new bioweapon threat. Exploring her castle digs always had me on edge since Lady D could be seen and heard furiously stomping around the hallways in search of Ethan. It’d be pretty dope if Lady D made her grand return as a playable character that could be used to go on a survival mode run that’s similar to how RE7s “End of Zoe” DLC played out.

Slashing at anything and everything that dares to step in Lady D’s way would be immensely satisfying as an extra gameplay segment, don’t you think? I might be asking for too much here, but it’d also be awesome if Lady D had the ability to shoot off some of her extended claws as a projectile and instantly grow them back for future melee usage. I love Lady D, you love Lady D...EVERYBODY LOVES LADY D! Bring her back for some playable DLC segments, Capcom.

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